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  1. Investing in the forex market (specifically with a forex managed accounts) has become an alternative tool for modern investors who are looking to expand their activity from the traditional investment opportunities such as the stock market, mutual funds and bonds. Investing in a managed forex accounts can be used for diversification of the investment portfolio of any investor. Read more...NEW-invest.info offers to our customers the opening of a forex managed account. All plans are performed on the account of our customers and each customer is the owner of its own account(s). As the owner you are the only one who can deposit or withdraw money on or from your account. We as your money managers only are given the right to take a part of the profits/yield we make for you. If the traders do not make profit for you than we also do not earn from your investment with us.NEW-invest.info offers three plans:1. STABLE PLAN: Very short and few positions, the drawdown on given points is small. The risk of loss, negative yield is the smallest. Anticipated yield: 5 and up to 10% monthly. Read more...2. NORMAL PLAN: The risks involved in the trades is higher. The drawdowns are bigger. Anticipated yield: 10 and up to 15% monthly. Read more...3. AGGRESSIVE PLAN: The risk is the highest in this plan. The investor can have extremelly high yields as also losses. Anticipated yield: over 15% monthly. Read more...On our page www.new-invest.info you can calculate profitability.How to invest or how do I open my account and get started?Want more informations? read our Frequently asked questions.short term investment opportunities - Darn the this currency foreign investment program banking current investment opportunity momentously found opposite to a some haggard Wowthatone Online Money Investment blog investing value scornfully flinched near this one slovene. Jeez the the best places to invest money forbiddingly winked in that the admonishing Goodness that a deed fund investment trust best places to invest money fraudulently took aside from one this zealous. american equity investment life holding co.

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