HCM Tuyển Admin Officer lương 500$-1000$

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    Job Description
    A- Office Administration
    -Maintain the office environment with 5S policy
    - Archive and conserve the department files and materials
    -Maintain the fix assets
    -Purchase, storage and release the office stationery and other accessory.
    -Deal with the fax, printing & copy issue in order to optimize the business department efficiency
    B- Operation Support
    -Out put the attendance record and support the attendance Management
    -Post, Mail ,Express, Package reception and expenditure auditing
    -Assist GM in the meeting organization and record, as well as the other document issues
    -Conduct Internal training organization, attendance and survey
    -Collect and manage local Recommendation and transportation resources
    C- Receptionist
    -Pick up office call in
    -Receive the customer, supplier and candidates, etc.
    -Reserve the hotel and airplane ticket for the business trip
    -Assist to visa application (sending invitation letter)
    D- Report
    -Output the relevant data report
    -Monthly work report
    Job Requirements

    − Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Business Management or any related field
    − Minimum 2-year experience in receptionist, administration or related field
    − Good personality, good attitude and have service mind
    − Able to keep confidential and integrity
    − Good command of English
    − Computer literate in Microsoft office, Excel, Word,and PowerPoint
    − Nationality: Vietnamese

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