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  1. itdongnai New Member

    Hiện mình đã tốt nghiệp CĐ CNTT và có bằng CCNA rồi nay muốn tìm một công việc phù hợp với khả năng và năng lực của mình.


    Full name: Nguyen Van Manh
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: 25 October, 1985
    Place of Birth: Hai Duong
    Marital Status: Single
    Nationality: Vietnamese
    Home Phone: (061) 6507 549
    Mobile Phone: (0978) 273 979
    E-mail: itdongnai@gmail.com
    Permanent Residence: 78, 4 Land,8 Quarter,Xuan Bac Communes,Xuan Loc District,Dong Nai Province
    Current Address: 124/67/23, Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street
    Ward 21, Binh Thanh District,Ho Chi Minh City
    Desired position: Network Administrator


    ·Make a breakthrough in his career, such as trying to get promotion.
    ·Determination made on time in all the work.
    ·Attend courses can support the current occupation and my future.
    ·Do something to appreciate the work they do everyday.
    ·Say thanks to anyone who help themselves.


    Technology, Telecommunication Lam Dong; April 2006 –June 2006
    ·Installation of ADSL customer in need
    ·Troubleshooting of network clients
    Technical,Vien dong Co.,Ltd –Lam Dong Province;April 2007-May 2009
    A technical staff with the assistance of the company, handling the problems of computers and network

    • Assemble and install computers for customers.
    • Deployed network LAN, WAN for small and medium enterprises
    • Troubleshooting of network and computer
    • Consultant information technology solutions
    Sales man,FPT Telecom-branch Ky Hoa,Ho Chi Minh City; June 2009 –September 2009

    • Provided field sales staff with selling tools that met the needs of individual customers.
    • Consulting custumer ADSL service
    • Curvey network for engineering construction and the road map drawn from customers to the cable box

    • Da Lat University, Department Information Technology, 2004-2007, Lam Dong Province
    • I have a CCNA certification to september 2009


    • English (B Level, Da Lat University)
    • 2 years troubleshooting computer
    • Good command of basic computing, computer science office: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and internet service, email ...
    • Routing protocols on switch,router;LAN,WAN,NAT +ACLs,Ipv6
    • Installation Web Server,FTP Server
    • Administrator on Windows Server 2003 including :AD,Domain Controller,GPO,OU

    ·Movies action, emotional
    ·Surfing internet

    I hereby certify that the above information a provided by me is true, completed and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

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