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    "ELENESSA" is one of the machine room-less type elevator. The word "ELENESSA" is created from the words "Elevators" and "Renaissance". So the "ELENESSA" is a Renaissance and new beginning.
    It just needs only hoistway because the traction machine and slim control panel are installed in the hoistway. The outline of "ELENESSA" in the Figure 1. "ELENESSA" has a lot of characteristic advantage mentioned below;
    This new-type ELENESSA(GPQ3L) has been developed from ELENESSA(GPQ2L) with significant improvement and new functions.


    Our ptimized motor and requirement realize an incredibly smooth ride, high reliability and sfety. [IMG]:: Reduce torque ripple for a comfortable, smooth ride
    The gearless traction machine with new PM (permanent magnet) motor is packed with cutting-edge technology, such as our unique stator-core structure and built-in double brakes. This optimized motor design dramatically reduces the level of torque ripple which positively affect the quality of the ride. So even though the machinery is more compact, the ride is smoother, quieter and more comfortable than ever before.
    The new PM motor suppresses harmonic noise and torque ripple for a new level in ride comfort.:: Ensuring that quality remains first rate
    Our elevators include many features designed to reduce the need for maintenance-- such as the double brakes built into the PM motor which remove the chance of objects falling into the brakes. When maintenance is necessary, the slim control panel is easily accessible from the maintenance platform on top of the elevator cage. In addition, Mitsubishi's highly-trained service personnel follow up after installation to ensure that our elevators always run smoothly and safely.:: Innovative technology enhances efficiency and reliability
    More technological advances, such as the high-accumulation LSI and low-noise PWM inverter, enable the VVVF inverter to deliver smooth, high-precision control of the traction machine. In addition, the IPU (Integrated Power Unit) acts as a high-efficiency power supply circuit for motor drive and, along with the PM motor, delivers great energy savings. The result is more efficient, more reliable drive control.
    The slim control panel is packed with advanced technologies such as VVVF, PWM, and IPU.[IMG]:: Smart door system improves safety
    More than just saving space, the new direct-drive door system makes door opening and closing quieter and smoother than ever before. A high-performance chip also enhances the doors' sensitivity, so that door operation suits the precise conditions on each stopping floor. The door load detector makes operation safer since the doors re-open when abnormal pressure is applied.
    The smart door system monitors floor conditions to ensure fast, safe door opening and closing.[IMG][IMG]

    :: More architectural freedom
    Architects, builders, and even interior designers will appreciate the new design freedom that comes with the machine-room-less system. With all equipment installed in the hoistway, designers have far fewer restrictions on elevator placement and arrangement. There's no longer a need to include machine rooms in the plans, nor even factor load stress into the building structure*, since vertical elevator reaction loads are supported by guiderails.
    *In case of rated loads 630kg to 1050kg.:: Smaller hoistway footprint
    Despite the fact that all elevator equipment is now installed in the hoistway, the shaft footprint is actually 13% smaller than in previous models.*This miniaturization extends vertically too.
    *With GPS-III for EN81-1 code areas P8-CO, rated speed of 1.0m/s, entrance width 800mm.:: Miniaturized and optimally-configured
    Mitsubishi has succeeded in miniaturizing all key elevator equipment. The gearless traction machine and compact PM motor are installed within the hoistway, and the slim control panel (98mm thick*) is now located on the shaft sidewall. This arrangement of equipment frees up space normally required for separate machine rooms or penthouses. The control panel and equipment are configured for easy maintenance, and the entire compact system is optimally organized for performance and service.
    *In the case of rated loads 630kg to 1050kg.The PM motor (blue), slim control panel (yellow), and direct-drive door system (red) are all installed within the compact hoistway.

    [IMG]:: Full-height car operating panel
    Installed in the side wall of the elevator cage, the car operating panel is visible as soon as the doors open. Compared to previous models, the buttons are slightly lower on the panel, bringing them within easy reach of all passengers. The full-height car operating panel with large, easy-to-read buttons and indicators makes it easy for anyone to operate the elevator safely and simply.:: Thicker handrails
    Easier to grasp and safer to hold, the handrails are now thicker than before (38mm diameter) and positioned slightly further from the wall.[IMG]
    :: Tactile buttons
    The tactile buttons have been designed to be easily understood to all passengers, including visually-impaired users. The new numeral design and contrasting color scheme make the buttons even easier to read than before. The buttons not only look different, they feel different too. The embossed numerals on a smooth base are pleasant to the touch.[IMG][IMG]:: Indicators and open button are all larger
    Compared to previous models, the indicator numerals and the open button are much larger (approx. 1.6 times larger), making them much easier to read and use.

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