Techsmith Camtasia Studio 7.0.0 Portable

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    Techsmith Camtasia Studio 7.0.0 Portable

    Save editing time and achieve consistency by storing callouts, title slides, or an entire intro sequence for later reuse

    Copy and paste

    Reuse transitions, zooms, and other effects—just copy and paste to a different spot on the timeline or add it to the library.

    YouTube upload
    Get in front of millions! Produce and upload HD-quality videos to YouTube without leaving Camtasia Studio.

    Enhanced callouts
    Give your screencasts a visual makeover with new callout styles and an easy way to make your own—now with support for image transparency!

    Keystroke callouts
    Make keystrokes visible to viewers! Camtasia Studio takes note of any keyboard shortcuts used during recording and shows the keys as a graphic overlay.

    Sketch motion callouts

    Call attention to the important bits with animated shapes that appear to be hand-drawn right onto the video.

    Precision volume controls
    Fade the volume of an audio track up and down at any point in your video, using simple controls built into the timeline.

    Editable cursor effects
    Help viewers follow along by enlarging the mouse pointer, making it a spotlight, or visualizing clicks.

    Smarter SmartFocus
    TechSmith’s SmartFocus technology places smoother, more accurate zooms and pans so your content always looks sharp —a huge time-saver!

    How to download from ShareFlare: Click FREE button on the download page (235 MB)

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