Tai nghe Bluetooth Samsung HM1500

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    Tai nghe Bluetooth Samsung HM1500
    Giá bán:850.000 VNĐTình trạng:Có hàng Bảo hành:9 tháng Kích thước:54.5mm x 18mm x 9.9mm Khối lượng:18.1 g Samsung HM1500 Bluetooth Headset

    Product Description

    The HM1500 Bluetooth® headset delivers top-of the-line clarity and sound quality. The Active Pairing function makes paring the headset with another device quick and easy. Feature rich the headset has Multipoint Technology for simultaneous connection to two Bluetooth® headsets, noise reduction and automatic volume control.
    Enjoy handsfree conversation with the exquisite Samsung HM1500 Bluetooth Headset. The stunning headset has a unique clip-on design that allows you to attach it to your clothes. Connectivity to your compatible mobile phone is quick and easy thanks to the Bluetooth 2.1 technology. Multi-point technology featured in the headset allows you to connect simultaneously to two mobile phones. Digital Signal Processing technology removes background noise such as traffic noise ensuring exceptionally crisp, clear sound for you and whoever you're speaking to. The superb Samsung HM1500 Bluetooth Headset features a vibrating alert that informs you of an incoming call, useful in noisy environments. The sublime headset features 6 hours of talk time and 250 hours of standby time.


    - Stylish Clip-on Headset
    - Vibration
    - Noise Reduction and Echo Cancellation
    - Multipoint
    - Automatic Volume Adjustment
    - Initial Pairing
    - Battery Level Check
    - Call Receiving / Last Call Dialing
    - Mute and Reject Function


    - Bluetooth Version: v2.1 EDR
    - Profile: HFP1.1, HSP1.5
    - Dimensions: 54.5(L) x 18(W) x 9.9(T)mm
    - Weight: 18.1g
    - Talk Time: Up to 6 hours
    - Standby Time: Up to 250 hours

    Package Contents:

    - Bluetooth Headset
    - Earpiece Clip
    - Travel Charger
    - User Manual

    Link: http://in.samsungmobile.com/accessories/HM1500

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