HCM Suntory PepsiCo Tuyển dụng National Trade Marketing Director

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    Việc làm Trade Marketing nghành nghề FMCG tại Suntory PepsiCo Việt Nam.
    Suntory Pepsico Việt Nam tuyển nhân sự cấp cao vị trí National Trade Marketing Director

    Job Description

    Responsible for planning and leading of execution of Marketing activities nationwide as of Trade Marketing plan or Annual Operating Plan (AOP), providing insights for strategic planning of Trade Marketing, developing channel & category strategy to ensure SPVB's LRB leadership in Vietnam.

    1. Trade Marketing Strategy & Trade Marketing Plan
    - Support VP-Trade Development to define the Trade Marketing strategy (channel & category) by analyzing SPVB's sales performance and Trade Marketing activities with data & insights.
    - Develop the detail trade activity plan with push initiatives to maximize the product availability, visibility, and sales volume; Customer Club, visicooler installation, trade promotions, merchandising, display programs.

    2. Effective execution of the trade activity plan
    - Lead Trade Marketing/Field Marketing team to deliver effective execution of the Trade Marketing activities as planned.
    - Monitor and update the progress of the Trade Marketing activities with the senior managemnt in sales department for timley corrective actions.
    - Leverage various data (Retail Audit, DMS, etc.) to identify issues for coming up with recommendation.

    3. Support for Organized Trade (OT) team
    - Work with OT team to support them to manage and enhance the trade activities in Modern Trade (MT)/ Key Account (KA) channel.
    - Support OT team in winning big MT/KA customers.

    4. A&M-Push budget management
    - Dvelop the A&M Push budget and manage it to maximize the effectiveness of the investment as planned.

    5. Trade Marketing tools management/ innovation
    - Manage supply chain of POSM/TOT for flawless & timley execution of the trade activities.
    - Work with Marketing Equiment (MEM) team to support them to manage supply chain of Marketing Equipments.
    - Bring in innovation to TOT/POSM that ensure suitability as well as great value to customers and SPVB's brand equity.

    6. Others
    - Develop and sustain learning sharing platform with the branches & marketing department.
    - Provide coaching to develop the functional competency of Trade Marketing/ Field Marketing team for effective development of SPVB business.

    Job Requirements
    - University graduate
    - Management experience of Trade Marketing organization of FMCG company with similar scales as SPVB
    - Data analysis skill (Retail Audit Data)
    - Experience in Marketing or experience in working with Markteing.
    - Leadership, communication, proactive working style, strategic palnning, logical thinking
    - Fluent in English
    - Fluent in computer skills: Excel, Power point

    Apply Jobs online: Việc làm National Trade Marketing - Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam

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