Siemens Gigaset A580IP

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    A580 IP

    The phone for fixed line and VoIP calls without a PC

    • Multiline flexibility: register up to 6 handsets and use up to 6 SIP accounts from multiple providers
    • Internet and fixed line calls – up to 3 in parallel
    • Exceptional sound with High Definition Sound Performance™ ¹
    • Worldwide free calling between Gigaset IP phones via ¹
    • PC-off convenience: VoIP calls and info services without a PC
    • Dual mode to switch from fixed line to internet calls
    • Multi-line for up to 6 handsets and 6 SIP accounts
    • Up to 3 calls in parallel (2 internet calls and 1 fixed-line call) with multiple handsets
    • Online net directory and Yellow Page Search
    • Illuminated B/W display (3 lines 1 line for soft keys)

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    The phone for fixed line and VoIP calls with PC-off convenience
    The Gigaset A580 IP offers two ways to call your friends and family allover the world; with dual mode functionality you can easily switchbetween internet and fixed-line calls at the touch of a button. Evenwith your PC turned off, you can enjoy the convenience of internetcalls in exceptional sound quality thanks to HDSP™ technology¹. TheGigaset A580 IP is multi-line so you are free to register up to 6handsets for 6 SIP accounts from different providers and make up to 3calls in parallel: 2 VoIP calls and 1 fixed-line call. There is a wholepackage of Next Generation features on this phone, including free infoservices such as RSS feeds, weather forecasts, a bid-watcher for eBayand an online phonebook search¹ all directly accessible from thehandset. Whether you use the easy configuration of internet telephonywith PC-off convenience or the hands-free mode to talk, you’ll find theGigaset A580 IP simply smart. And with its energy-saving ECO DECTtechnology, calling is better for the environment.

    If you are looking for a dual mode multi-line phone for internet callswith PC-off convenience, then the Gigaset A580 IP is the smart choice.

    Dual-mode phone and multi-line calling
    The Gigaset A580 IP lets you switch between internet and fixed-linephoning at the touch of a button – so you can easily choose the type ofphoning that suits your needs. Up to 3 people can make calls at thesame time – up to 2 VoIP calls and 1 fixed-line call. For VoIP calls orthe configuration of your internet telephony you don’t even have toswitch your PC on. With up to 6 handsets you can even experience theconvenience of multi-line calling. With your Gigaset A580 IP, you canalso choose up to 6 SIP accounts from different providers.

    Exceptional sound with High Definition Sound Performance™ ¹
    The Gigaset A580 IP features innovative HDSP™ ¹ technology, allowingyou to enjoy internet calls in exceptional sound quality. No hissing,no distortion – nothing but excellent voice clarity and exceptionalsound. Whether talking to friends or family, you can communicatecomfortably and catch every detail. And when you call anyone else whohas a phone that supports HDSP™ ¹ via your broadband connection, youhear every inflection in the other person’s voice when they speak. Thisway you experience calls that sound more like face-to-faceconversations. Even if you are completing other tasks, you can stillexperience the High Definition Sound Performance™ ¹ using thehands-free function of the Gigaset A580 IP. and info services
    With the Gigaset A580 IP, you can start phoning your friends and familyover the internet immediately via When you purchase thephone, you just have to sign in and join this exclusive Gigaset IPnetwork community. That means you’ll be able to make free VoIP calls toanyone else with a Gigaset IP phone – anywhere and anytime – and youwon’t even need an account with a VoIP provider. What’s more, you’ll beable to access free info services as a live ticker such as the weatherforecast, a bid-watcher for eBay or RSS feeds from your favoritewebsites right onto your handset via the screensaver – even with yourPC turned off. You can also access an online phonebook search¹ directlyvia your Gigaset A580 IP handset. That means you can quickly find anynumber you need and dial straight away.

    The energy-efficient way of staying in touch: ECO DECT
    With innovative ECO DECT technology, the Gigaset A580 IP uses up to 60%less energy than our conventional cordless phones thanks to anenergy-saving power supply. It helps you save money and is better forthe environment. Like all Gigaset cordless phones, it also variablyreduces transmitting power from the handset to base station accordingto their distance apart. Choosing ECO Mode on this model allows you toreduce the base station’s transmitting power by 80%². When docked³,both handset and base station reduce the transmission power to almostzero. This way, you benefit from the Gigaset A580 IP’s moreenergyefficient way of staying in touch.

    A purely smart phone designed for keeping in touch with friends andfamily all over the world, the Gigaset A580 IP offers all the benefitsof VoIP and fixed-line calls with PC-off convenience.

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