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    Cần bán Pioneer DVR 560H
    1080p DVD Recorder with 160GB Hard Disk and Connect PC by USB
    You can store and playalmost every kind of media format on the DVR-560H, including DivX compressed movie files and content from your camcorder.
    Copying DivX films, JPEG photos or music files (MP3 and WMA) from the PC to the recorder is easy.
    Connect your computer via USB and simply drag and drop the required files onto the hard disk.
    Music CDs can be copied at the touch of a button and stored on the hard disk along with the relevant track information from the Gracenote Database installed in the recorder.
    The DVR-560H enables a scaling option up to 1080p via HDMI. So you’re guaranteed the highest viewing resolution.

    Liên hệ : 0903253599[IMG]

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