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    The Dark Side

    4 Ways to Reveal Your Dark Side:
    • Donate apple-juice bottles that you’ve filled with wee to a local charity.
    • Confuse old people at a retirement home by pretending to be their child.
    • Munch candies all the way through a weight-loss group’s meeting.
    • Slip your shoulders through the Dark Side’s straps and terrorise your
    neighbourhood with your wicked� looks.

    Chicken Tex Supreme™ hyper performance nylon / waterproof ripstop lining / Super strong shoulder straps / Large main compartment with hinge opening for easy access / Weasel-proof padded removable laptop pouch with handle / Side pocket for mp3 player or mobile phone with iPod/e-gadget holder / Organiser with penholders, zip mesh pocket and A4 slip pocket

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