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    There are many different ways on how you can earn money on internet. Affiliate marketing sites, offer a chance to everybody to make money by promoting product of companies, into their sites or blogs. This is very easy to do it everyone.The only thing we have to do, is to create an account on these sites, in order to start advertise the products. When someone buy products from the ads we provide. then we earn a commission for each sale we manage to do from these advertisements. Except of this way, there are also other ways, such advertisements places in our site, such google adsense,smowtion,adbrite and other companies. They give us the chance, to place ads in our site and earn money, when someone just click on these ads (pay per click advertising). An other way which we can earn money from internet is writing surveys or critics about products we have used in order to promote them and give the others a positive opinion about them.Many companies are looking for people who want to fiil in these surveys and pay for each survey we complete.

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