Toàn quốc Muốn nhập hàng từ Mỹ nhưng không biết phải bằng cách nào

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  1. Mu[FONT=&quot]ố[/FONT]n nh[FONT=&quot]ậ[/FONT]p hàng t[FONT=&quot]ừ[/FONT] M[FONT=&quot]ỹ[/FONT] nh[FONT=&quot]ư[/FONT]ng không bi[FONT=&quot]ế[/FONT]t ph[FONT=&quot]ả[/FONT]i b[FONT=&quot]ằ[/FONT]ng cách nào. Chúng tôi s[FONT=&quot]ẽ[/FONT] giúp b[FONT=&quot]ạ[/FONT]n báo giá thu[FONT=&quot]ế[/FONT], phí v[FONT=&quot]ậ[/FONT]n chuy[FONT=&quot]ể[/FONT]n s[FONT=&quot]ả[/FONT]n ph[FONT=&quot]ấ[/FONT]m c[FONT=&quot]ủ[/FONT]a quý v[FONT=&quot]ị[/FONT]. Hàng s[FONT=&quot]ẽ[/FONT] nh[FONT=&quot]ậ[/FONT]n đ[FONT=&quot]ượ[/FONT]c t[FONT=&quot]ừ[/FONT] 5-20 ngày tùy thu[FONT=&quot]ộ[/FONT]c vào nhà phân ph[FONT=&quot]ố[/FONT]i.

    Sharp LC52LE700UN 52" Class LED HDTV

    Giá: Xin liên h[FONT=&quot]ệ[/FONT] đ[FONT=&quot]ể[/FONT] bi[FONT=&quot]ế[/FONT]t giá t[FONT=&quot]ố[/FONT]t nh[FONT=&quot]ấ[/FONT]t.

    Sharp LC52LE700UN 52" Class LED HDTV
    With the introduction of the LC52LE700UN 52-inch LED HDTV LE700 Series, Sharp combines its legendary AQUOS LCD panel technology with a newly developed, proprietary Full Array LED backlight system to create picture quality that is second to none. The LC-52LE700UN again illustrates Sharp's LCD technology leadership while also demonstrating its LED engineering advantages. Sharp's LC52LE700UN UltraBrilliant LED system illuminates the TV to extremely high brightness and contrast levels and enables significant environmental benefits such as longer life expectancy, no mercury and lower power consumption. At the same time, the new X-Gen LCD Panel utilizes an ingeniously devised pixel design that permits more light to pass through even while minimizing light leakage, with the result being the deepest black levels that AQUOS LCD TVs have ever achieved. Overall, the LC-52LE700UN shows that with Sharp, it's not just LED, it's AQUOS LED.

    Link g[FONT=&quot]ố[/FONT]c s[FONT=&quot]ả[/FONT]n ph[FONT=&quot]ẩ[/FONT]m:

    Báo giá: Giá SP + Phí Ship n[FONT=&quot]ộ[/FONT]i đ[FONT=&quot]ị[/FONT]a + Thu[FONT=&quot]ế[/FONT] M[FONT=&quot]ỹ[/FONT] + Phí Ship v[FONT=&quot]ề[/FONT] VN + Thu[FONT=&quot]ế[/FONT] VN + Phí d[FONT=&quot]ị[/FONT]ch v[FONT=&quot]ụ[/FONT].

    Liên l[FONT=&quot]ạ[/FONT]c:
    Hot line: 80129312 • 093.335.1080

    Đ[FONT=&quot]ị[/FONT]a ch[FONT=&quot]ỉ[/FONT] : 16/F Saigon Tower • 29 Lê Du[FONT=&quot]ẩ[/FONT]n, Qu[FONT=&quot]ậ[/FONT]n 1, TP.HCM
    (Đ[FONT=&quot]ố[/FONT]i di[FONT=&quot]ệ[/FONT]n lãnh s[FONT=&quot]ự[/FONT] quán M[FONT=&quot]ỹ[/FONT])
    Đi[FONT=&quot]ệ[/FONT]n tho[FONT=&quot]ạ[/FONT]i: 80129312• Fax: 848 6255 6619
    Th[FONT=&quot]ứ[/FONT] Hai - Th[FONT=&quot]ứ[/FONT] Sáu: 8h-17h. C[FONT=&quot]ầ[/FONT]n t[FONT=&quot]ư[/FONT] v[FONT=&quot]ấ[/FONT]n xin l[FONT=&quot]ấ[/FONT]y h[FONT=&quot]ẹ[/FONT]n

    YH: muahangmy Email :

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