Toàn quốc Muốn nhập hàng từ Mỹ nhưng không biết phải bằng cách nào

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  1. Mu[FONT=&quot]ố[/FONT]n nh[FONT=&quot]ậ[/FONT]p hàng t[FONT=&quot]ừ[/FONT] M[FONT=&quot]ỹ[/FONT] nh[FONT=&quot]ư[/FONT]ng không bi[FONT=&quot]ế[/FONT]t ph[FONT=&quot]ả[/FONT]i b[FONT=&quot]ằ[/FONT]ng cách nào. Chúng tôi s[FONT=&quot]ẽ[/FONT] giúp b[FONT=&quot]ạ[/FONT]n báo giá thu[FONT=&quot]ế[/FONT], phí v[FONT=&quot]ậ[/FONT]n chuy[FONT=&quot]ể[/FONT]n s[FONT=&quot]ả[/FONT]n ph[FONT=&quot]ấ[/FONT]m c[FONT=&quot]ủ[/FONT]a quý v[FONT=&quot]ị[/FONT]. Hàng s[FONT=&quot]ẽ[/FONT] nh[FONT=&quot]ậ[/FONT]n đ[FONT=&quot]ượ[/FONT]c t[FONT=&quot]ừ[/FONT] 5-20 ngày tùy thu[FONT=&quot]ộ[/FONT]c vào nhà phân ph[FONT=&quot]ố[/FONT]i.

    CoolerMaster CM690 nVIDIA Edition ATX Mid-Tower Case

    Giá: Xin liên h[FONT=&quot]ệ[/FONT] đ[FONT=&quot]ể[/FONT] bi[FONT=&quot]ế[/FONT]t giá t[FONT=&quot]ố[/FONT]t nh[FONT=&quot]ấ[/FONT]t.

    CoolerMaster CM690 nVIDIA Edition ATX Mid-Tower Case
    Take a look at our new Special nVIDIA Edition of the Cooler Master CM690. The SLI-ready CM690 case offers rugged yet attractive SECC steel construction, the flexibility to house both Micro-ATX and ATX motherboards, and lots of drive bays and expansion ports to satisfy the needs of gamers and multimedia extremists. The Cooler Master CM690 features five (5) exposed 5.25-inch drive bays, an exposed 3.5-inch bay, and an I/O panel that includes two (2) USB, and one 1394 port, plus MIC and eSATA connections, as well as a speaker port that supports HD audio. Because cool is part of the Cooler Master name, this sensational case keeps heat at bay with a front 120mm blue LED fan running in 21 dBA silence at 1200rpm, along with plenty of places to put optional fans (please see complete specifications below). This case also features special green trim and green LED fans on the front, along with the nVIDIA logo emblazened right in the middle of the front bezel to let everyone know what's inside. Whether you’re playing games, running a complete multimedia entertainment center, or a professional getting down to business – your system will be right at home in the Cooler Master CM690 computer case.

    Link g[FONT=&quot]ố[/FONT]c s[FONT=&quot]ả[/FONT]n ph[FONT=&quot]ẩ[/FONT]m:

    Báo giá: Giá SP + Phí Ship n[FONT=&quot]ộ[/FONT]i đ[FONT=&quot]ị[/FONT]a + Thu[FONT=&quot]ế[/FONT] M[FONT=&quot]ỹ[/FONT] + Phí Ship v[FONT=&quot]ề[/FONT] VN + Thu[FONT=&quot]ế[/FONT] VN + Phí d[FONT=&quot]ị[/FONT]ch v[FONT=&quot]ụ[/FONT].

    Liên l[FONT=&quot]ạ[/FONT]c:
    Hot line: 80129312 • 093.335.1080

    Đ[FONT=&quot]ị[/FONT]a ch[FONT=&quot]ỉ[/FONT] : 16/F Saigon Tower • 29 Lê Du[FONT=&quot]ẩ[/FONT]n, Qu[FONT=&quot]ậ[/FONT]n 1, TP.HCM
    (Đ[FONT=&quot]ố[/FONT]i di[FONT=&quot]ệ[/FONT]n lãnh s[FONT=&quot]ự[/FONT] quán M[FONT=&quot]ỹ[/FONT])
    Đi[FONT=&quot]ệ[/FONT]n tho[FONT=&quot]ạ[/FONT]i: 80129312• Fax: 848 6255 6619
    Th[FONT=&quot]ứ[/FONT] Hai - Th[FONT=&quot]ứ[/FONT] Sáu: 8h-17h. C[FONT=&quot]ầ[/FONT]n t[FONT=&quot]ư[/FONT] v[FONT=&quot]ấ[/FONT]n xin l[FONT=&quot]ấ[/FONT]y h[FONT=&quot]ẹ[/FONT]n

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