Job title: Factory cost accountant

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  1. Job title: Factory cost accountant

    Slotus client

    1. Job purpose
    - Manufacturing costing: responsible for costs of production in both actuals and budgeting/ forecasting, variance costing and analysis.
    - Accounting: Verifying factory expenses for payments, factory fixed overheads control and participating periodical stock count as controlling factory assets.

    2. Accountabilities

    * Manufacturing costing:
    - Responsible for calculating and analyzing the monthly actual production costing to ensure it complies with Nestle Manufacturing Costing Standard.
    + Allocating factory overheads and and manufacturing costs as per Nestle Manufacturing Costing Standard (MCS)
    + Processing the Costing Sheets S.7 and S.8 to send to the Head Office Accounting.
    + Analising costs of production (COP) per SKU vs. Standard Cost Budget (SCB) in order to consult Factory Management in performance improvements.
    + Align to Head Office Accounting in monthly analyssis of COP incorporated in the COGS of P&L line.
    - Responsible for Factory Budgeting especially in Standard Cost Budget.
    + Coordinating with all factory departments in budgeting in line with the Head Office’s OPL Schedule
    + Proceesing the SCB Folder as Factory Manager’s approval.
    + Reviewing with Factory Management Team monthly actual result in order to update in the Dynamic Forecast.
    - Responsible for new product costing and benchmarking

    * Accounting:
    - Process factory payments via petty cash.
    - Follow up factory staff advance and settlement of advance properly as per the company policy.
    - Control over FFOH vs. budget or latest forecast.
    - Co-ordinate with HO Accountant to control factory fixed assets to ensure all of them are affixed tags properly and agreed with the registered list.
    - Liaise with Chief Accountant for registration, declaration and payment of tax with local tax authority.
    - Ensure Filing and Controling closely all supporting legal documents related.
    - Other tasks as assigned.

    * Key performance indicators
    - Timely & accurately product costing with analysis
    - Monthly full set of factory variances & comments on variances
    - Proper control over factory fixed assets.

    3. Person specification
    * Educational qualifications: College/ University Graduate
    * Work Experience: 3-5 years of experience in manufacturing costing and accounting
    * Skills & Knowledge:
    - Good communicator both external and internal
    - Analytical and organizational skills.
    - Listening, speaking and writing English (fair)
    * Personality / Qualities: Criteria: mature, dedicated loyal, honest, trustworthy, accuracy, security, able to work under pressure.

    4. Salary: from5 - 7 million
    5. Places to work: Hưng Yên

    Ứng viên quan tâm xin vui lòng gửi hồ sơ theo:

    Địa chỉ: P1206, tng 12 tòa nhà N03, Cu Giy, HN
    Nhận hồ sơ qua email:
    điện thoại: 090 4542 800 (Mrs Liên)

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