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    IP Phone

    Key Features

    • Uses SIP to operate with any standard IP phone system or network
    • Supports all standard PBX functions
    • Two call appearances support two simultaneous calls
    • Two 10/100 Ethernet circuits connect to the LAN and an additional device
    • 3 line LCD
    • Buttons and keys for all commonly used functions
    • Message waiting LED
    • Speech quality ensured by QoS at the Ethernet and IP layers and comprehensive jitter buffer
    • Half duplex speaker phone
    • Receives power over Ethernet (PoE) or from an ac adapter
    • Menu, browser, and HTTP support for configuration and updates
    • Uses highly stable embedded Linux operating system

    The CN2x2 is a quality phone that can be used by business andresidential users. The phone is referred to as a “two by two” becauseit has two call appearances and two Ethernet circuits. The phone isavailable in charcoal.
    The CN2x2 is based on open standards. It uses SIP for call control,making it compatible with any IP phone system using the SIP standards.The second Ethernet port on the phone permits a PC or other network tobe connected to the phone without the need for additional switchingequipment. Two models of the phone are available: one that permits thephone to be powered from an ac adapter or receive power over anEthernet connection and the other that requires an ac power source.
    In deploying a CN2x2, only a single Ethernet circuit needs to be takento the desktop, to provide both voice and data communications. Thephone is simple for an administrator to install, manage, and maintain.After initial installation the phone can be moved anywhere in thenetwork, normally without the need to change the provisioning or wiring.
    The phone is compact and takes up little space on the desktop. In dayto day operation, end users can access all features quickly andunambiguously as there are buttons and keys for all functions.
    Speech Quality

    The phone has speech quality that exceeds the needs for daily businessor residential communication. The half duplex speaker phone providesacceptable speech for hands free operation to enable its use at home orthe office. The phone allows any standard headset to be inserted inseries with the handset.
    The phone incorporates an adaptive jitter buffer to ensure that speechquality is optimal, even when the network has varying delays and lostpackets. This technology provides a distinct advantage even within anoffice, but proves itself when communicating over a WAN or the Internet.
    Physical Convenience

    The CN2x2 has the appearance of a modern business telephone set. Thereare 26 buttons and keys for convenient access to every feature, such ashold, transfer, and mute.
    There are 3 LEDs that show there is an incoming call, there is a newvoice mail, that the phone is in speaker mode, or that the call is onhold.
    The phone has four rubber feet that prevent pulling the phone off thedesk. The phone is shipped with a stand that can tilt the phone on thedesk or can make the phone vertical when wall mounted.

    The CN2x2 provides a phone book for storing the contact information of100 individuals. Phone book entries can be easily searched, inserted,modified, and deleted using the browser interface. Each entry containsa name and destination number.
    The phone remembers the last 32 numbers dialled and the last 32incoming numbers. This list is quickly accessed from the menu button onthe phone.
    Auto Provisioning

    This feature allows you to control all your Zed-3 phones from thecentral server. You only have to specify the IP address of the autoprovisioning server on the CN2x2. The CN2x2 will retrieve theconfiguration it needs from the auto provisioning server. Updates andupgrades for hundreds or thousands of phones can be done easily throughthis feature.
    Power over Ethernet (PoE)

    The CN2x2p has all of the features of the CN2x2 and in additionsupports the IEEE 802.3af standard. The CN2x2p can therefore receivepower over the Ethernet (PoE) connection which is sufficient to allowthe phone to perform all of its functions without the need for anexternal
    ac adapter. The CN2x2 does not support PoE.
    [IMG] Data Features

    The CN2x2 has a 3 port managed switch so users can connect to anadditional device such as a PC, without any additional investment in anexternal switch. One switch port connects internally and two ports areavailable for external connections. The Ethernet ports are wired sothey can easily be connected to the network and the PC with straightthrough cables. In addition, all ports perform auto negotiation of linkspeed and determine whether operation will be full or half duplex.
    Once a speed is negotiated, the ports are capable of switching Ethernettraffic at wire speed. The switch is based on hardware, not softwarerunning on the processor. This allows it to forward traffic at linerates without limitation, thus ensuring that devices downstream are notstarved of bandwidth.
    VLAN and QoS Support

    By default, the ports on the switch are untagged members of a singleVLAN, so the switch can interoperate with most networks. Each port canbe a member of a tagged VLAN, a member of an untagged VLAN, or excludedfrom a VLAN. Full support for IEEE 802.1q VLAN tagging and IEEE 802.1pQoS settings allows the CN2x2 to provide enhanced quality of servicefunctions at the Ethernet layer and operate in a modern network.
    At the IP layer the CN2x2 supports the ability to mark the lower sixbits of the IP QoS byte with the various differentiated services codepoint (DSCP) markings. This allows for up to 64 codepoints to bedefined which map to various per-hop behaviors (PHBs). The CN2x2internally has two queues allowing for the prioritization of voice andsignalling traffic over data traffic marked as “best effort.” Eachqueue is serviced in such a way that neither queue is starved.

    The LCD on the phone has a high contrast that the user can adjust. TheLCD intelligently shows users all relevant information without any softkeys being required. It displays all information about a call, such asthe name and number of a caller and its duration.
    Preferences and Settings

    All phone settings are accessible from a browser page located at the IPaddress assigned to the phone. In addition, all user settings areaccessible from the phone.
    There are many parameters on the phone that allow it to operate in thenetwork. The phone automatically downloads these parameters at power onfrom a configuration file that is generated by the systemadministrator. These settings are protected by a password that can berestricted to the administrator to prevent the user from accidentallydisrupting the network settings. With the menu on the phone, the usercan customize personal preferences like volume level, contrast, andlanguage.
    Date and Time

    The phone uses NTP to automatically obtain the date and time from thenetwork. However, the date and time can be set manually in the absenceof an NTP server. The phone displays the current date and time and thestart time of each call on the LCD.
    International Support

    Users can select between the following languages for the menu of thephone: English and Slovenian. In addition, the browser interface can beselected in these languages: English, Slovenian and Simplified Chinese.
    The user can select the call progress tones for any one of 8 countries:China, Hong Kong, United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea,Slovenia, and Czech Republic. The ac adapter that is shipped with thephone is appropriate for the destination country. The phone and adapterare fully certified to be sold in that country.
    [IMG] Technology

    The CN2x2 has a powerful internal computer that runs a highly reliablereal time embedded Linux operating system. The phone externally looksand behaves like a regular business phone, and not like a computer witha handset attached.
    The CN2x2 uses SIP for communication. This protocol is now widelyrecognized as the standard for IP telephony. The CN2x2 performs all ofthe functions of a user agent client and a user agent server. It can beused with all standard SIP servers, making it a truly open IP phone.
    The phone incorporates self tests and diagnostic capabilities. Theseallow for rapid isolation and resolution of problems associated withdeployment.


    Basic Features

    • Call forward
    • Call transfer
    • Call hold
    • Mute
    • Redial
    • Display caller ID
    • Display call duration
    • Display date and time
    • Access voice mail
    • Send DTMF tones
    • Message waiting indication (MWI)
    • 100 phone book entries
    • 30 most recent call records for dialled, incoming, and missed calls
    • Adjustment of LCD contrast (4 levels)
    • Adjustment of handset volume (6 levels)
    • Adjustment of speaker phone volume (6 levels)
    Enhanced Features

    • Dynamic selection of codec
    • Advanced jitter buffer
    • Automatic traversal of NAT and firewall
    • Echo cancellation
    • Comfort noise generation (CNG)
    • Voice activity detection (VAD)
    • Auto provisioning (requires auto provisioning server)
    • On line firmware upgrade
    • Multi-language support: English and Chinese
    Supported Standards

    • RFC 2327 – SDP
    • RFC 2976 – SIP INFO Method
    • RFC 3261 – SIP
    • RFC 3264 – Offer/Answer model with SDP
    • RFC 3515 – SIP REFER Method
    • RFC 3842 – A Message Summary and Message Waiting Indicator
    • RFC 2833 – RTP Payload for DTMF Digits, Telephony Tones and Telephony Signals
    • RFC 3489 – Simple Traversal of User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Through Network Address Translators (NATs)
    • RFC 3891 – SIP “Replaces” Header
    • RFC 3892 – SIP Referred-By Mechanism
    • Codec: G.711 (A/µ law), GSM (21k), G.729, G.723
    • DTMF: RFC 2833, In-band DTMF, SIP INFO
    Physical and Environmental

    Operating temperature: 10°C to 40°C (50°F to 104°F)
    Storage temperature: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
    Weight: 0.7 kg (1.4 lb). Shipping weight (box of 10) 8 kg (17.5 lb)
    Size: 160 mm (W) x 215 mm (L) x 65 mm (H) (6.25” x 8.5” x 2.5”)
    Power: 12 Vdc 500 mA from included ac adapter (Classification 0 under IEEE 802.3af on CN2x2p)
    Safety: IEC60950
    Emissions: FCC part 15A, ANSI C63.4, EN55022 class B, EN61000-3
    Immunity: EN55024

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