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  1. Someone within the Keyword Academy once said that they were most comfortable with a posting schedule of putting up two new articles per week on their website.
    They wanted to know if they could get to $1,000/month in online income with this schedule.
    My opinion is that you would have to be very lucky and talented to build an income like that with such low volume, and you would somehow have to:
    1) Get incredibly lucky with your topic selection.
    2) Publish extremely valuable content that spreads in a viral fashion.
    3) Have a unique and highly efficient form of monetization that goes beyond basic CPC ads and affiliate sale.
    If you think about those 3 points and really take a long hard look at them you will realize that betting on any one of them is not realistic for most newcomers. This is because:
    * The web is a fairly efficient market and it becomes more so every day as more and more internet marketers flood the profitable niches. So getting lucky with topic selection becomes less and less likely with each passing day as the web becomes more and more saturated.
    * Writing viral content is certainly possible but can be a bit like catching lightning in a bottle. This is especially true if you are just starting out and do not have a regular audience yet to help spread the content for you.
    * Monetizing more efficiently than Google means that you have to move up in the chain as far as services or products. Rather than referring people through an ad based on a topic you want to somehow sell them the solution directly. This sounds easy in theory but you will likely need to spend more time and energy refining your product or service than what you spend on your website. Most internet marketers do not approach their business like this (from the outside-in) and are not in a position to move up the monetization chain. In other words, if you have a website about credit and loans, are you in a position to start making actual loans to your site visitors? Probably not.
    So what is the solution?
    Ignore these potential ”shortcuts” that will likely not work out for you anyway and just leave you discouraged.
    The Keyword Academy offers a long, stable, and safer path to a sustainable online income through the creation of an authority website.
    Writing 2 articles per week probably will not get you to your income goals. Try writing 2 or 3 per day while building an amazing website.
    Don’t count on a lucky shortcut. Instead, use the volume + quality approach to create a huge website that the search engines would be foolish to ignore.

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