Hunter x Hunter 306 raw, spoiler TA

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    Pitou's dreamer : It is set up so that Pitou is manoeuvered by this Doll she invoked behind her.
    This techinques forces movements over the limit.
    Pitou : I can't leave you like that, you're without a doubt a threat to the King.
    Because when it's invoked, it requires all the aura to be consumed, if she were to die in the middle of the fight the technique would keep operating without fail.

    Pitou : Even if I die I will attack until you die.

    Pitou is motivated by her maternal instinct and to focus all her senses into the idea of killing her oppenent.
    It was obvious that until now this enemy was able to crush others' aura.   

    Gon : Pitou

    Pitou : ...!

    Gon: It's all your fault ! If you weren't there in the first place !

    Pitou : Here he comes !

    Gon : 20,000 hair punch !



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