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    On this website you can find useful and functional software for your pc. It`s easy to order something from Pysoft . You can buy Active WebCam (Standard, Pro, Deluxe, Site, and World-wide licenses) just for $29.00. In the left you can see the Prices , products , downloads and also support. The products are Surveillance Software , Surveillance Solutions , Designer’s Software. On this website you can find out solutions for your problems about pc`s. PY Software surveillance products secure and monitor people, facilities and assets in a wide range of security applications. Their surveillance model is designed for commercial applications. You can also be your own reseller and they give a great discount: up to 80% to our resellers. As a reseller You order their software by lower price. You can download some of their software for free , like : Active Webcam , Argus DVR Software , Actual Drawing , Camera surveillance software etc. The prices are between 19$ and 59$ , which i think is accesible. I recommend this site.

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