HCM Tuyển Nam khoa CNTT cần tìm việc ( IT, Tester, QA)

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    Personal data:

    Born: 06 Oct 1987

    Marital Status: single
    Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 12,HCMC
    Mobile Phone: 0955 172 606
    VietNam Email: trunghieu61087@gmail.com


    - Diploma-Foreign Language: English level B
    - Economic Technical Colleges (2007)
    Qualifications: Good
    - Scholarships for outstanding students of the school in 2007.
    -College. HCMC Industrial University (2008-2010)

    Operations in same field:

    - Project management of mobile shops (Group exercise)
    - Collect and analyze survey information (Group exercise)
    - Project management company, small-scale enterprises (graduation project).


    - Written basic course VB.NET, C , C , C#.
    - Good command of English.
    - Communication skills, good presentation.
    - Works hard, sort of work organization and responsibility.
    - Easy to adapt to new environments.
    - Working on projects in a team. Working independantly and taking initiative.
    Work experiences:

    2007-2008: Staff Software (SM You)
    Assembly and installation for PC
    Network Management.
    Programming (Access).
    2009: Company GHP
    Data entry staff

    Career points:

    Recruitment positions for programmers, tester. The job requires a high possibility thinking. We hope to work in a modern environment, healthy competition and opportunities for advancement.

    Extra informavtion:

    I have been involved in technology since I was young, and this is still my work every day. Designing and developing assignments and achieving a nice result gives me great satisfaction personally.

    Interests Character:

    Positive aspects: proactive in learning new technologies, punctual, tester, patient,
    strong character, perfectionist.
    Negative aspects: perfectionist, always busy, sometimes leading to forgetfulness.

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