HCM Tuyển Cần tuyển nhiều vị trí Programer, Tester, Designer, Artist, Producer lương hấp dẫn

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  1. Cty: Gameloft
    Lĩnh vực: Sản xuất game dtdd iphone
    Qui mô: Trụ sở chính tại Pháp, có hơn 30 chi nhánh ở các nứơc Âu ,Á ,Mĩ , Tại VN đã hoạt động hơn 5 năm và có 3 chi nhánh (trên 1000 nhân viên) :
    1. 7th floor Etown2 364 Cộng Hòa, Tân Bình
    2. 18a Cộng Hòa, Tân Bình
    3. Đà Nẵng
    Phong cách làm việc chuyên nghiệp nước ngoài: mặc đồ tự do, làm 8h/ngày, 5ngày/tuần (t2->t6), tăng ca tính bonus per hours, lương hấp dẫn hỗ trợ ăn trưa.
    Quyền lợi: mỗi năm xét tăng lương 2 lần, bonus đặc biệt tùy trừơng hợp, đựơc tham gia miễn phí vào các club game, bóng đá, bóng rổ, cầu lông ,tennis, bida.

    Thông tin chính:

    1. Programmer (50 vị trí):

    As a member of Gameloft’s top-level engineering team in HCMC Studio, your day-to-day work consists of programming and optimizing codes to create and port video games on a wide range of mobile phones (Gameloft is supporting more than 1200 handsets).


    · Proficiency in Java and/or C/C ;
    · Good reading and writing skills in English;
    · Ability to work under high pressure;
    · Bachelor degree or equivalent in computer science is preferable.

    2. Game Tester (50 vị trí):
    As a member of Gameloft’s major Quality Assurance team at HCMC Studio, you will participate in the testing process to ensure the quality of our top-rate mobile games distributed on over 75 countries.

    · Strong interest and experience in playing video games;
    · Attention to details;
    · Good skills of English reading and writing;
    · Office computer literacy.
    *** đặc biệt không yêu cầu bằng đại học, cao đẳng ***

    3. 2D Graphic Artist (10 vị trí):
    · Creativity, competency of hand-drawing and sprite design;
    · Proficiency in drawing software (Photoshop...), ability to draw and create animations on a pixel basis (low resolution infography) with Photoshop;
    · Interest and experience in playing video games;
    · Experience in cartoon and comics would be welcome;
    · Higher education degree in fine arts, applied arts… (Applications from self-taught candidates are also accepted).

    4. Game designer (10 vị trí):
    As a member of the game design team of Gameloft HCMC Studio, and under the responsibility of the Lead Game Designer as well as Producer, you will be in charge of the design of top quality mobile games for international markets. The daily missions include:
    · Study and master original designs of a wide range of game genres;
    · Creatively modify, adapt or produce gameplay contents, concepts, level layouts and designs;
    · Under producer’s coordination, work with artists and programmers to make sure that the creative vision is fulfilled.
    · Passionate and enthusiastic about 2D and 3D video games in a wide variety of genres and on various gaming platforms (PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo, PC…); good understanding of their environments, control systems and general usability rules;
    · Thorough understanding of video games and their commercial appeal to the general public;
    · Good English writing skill, ability to document ideas, concepts, and design systematically and in a style that that is easy to understand;
    · Good skill of Photoshop tools;
    · Good interpersonal skill, good at teamwork;
    · Your organizational skill and result-oriented spirit enable you to deliver high quality works under high pressure and within strict deadlines;
    · Your creativity and practical spirit allow you to find the best solutions to ensure fastest and best work progress;
    · Bachelor degree or equivalent in information technology, or multimedia, or graphics...

    5. Video game producer (10 vị trí):
    Your daily responsibilities consist of:

    · Planning, coordinating and supervising the mobile game development cycle implemented by different teams, from the conception stage to the finalisation stage (Game design, Programming, Graphics, Quality assurance…);
    · Communicating project status and maintaining coordination between the team in Vietnam and Head Quarter Producers as well as development teams in other countries;
    · Ensuring that your projects are delivered on time and that the games meet Gameloft’s high quality standards
    · Strong analytical, communication and interpersonal skills;
    · Very well-organized, problem-solving;
    · Responsible, result-oriented, able to work under high pressure;
    · Leadership and team spirit;
    · Proficiency in both written and spoken English;
    · Good gaming background as well as ability to evaluate video games;

    Liên hệ để được hứơng dẫn chi tiết:
    mobile: Mr.Khôi
    email: anhkhoiit@gmail.com
    yahoo: anhkhoiit

    Nguồn: http://5giay.vn

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