HCM Cần Bán Synaps Backup Battery iPhone-3G-3GS

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    Synaps iPhone™ 3G/3GS Battery Pack, 1500mAh add upto 270 hours – Apple Chip/Sony Battery - Pin dự phòng cho Iphone


    For Apple iPhone 3G/3GS.

    Note: Power draws from the battery pack first… and then your iPhone™
    This amazing value Protective Case with Built-in battery wont burn a hole in your pocket or add to much bulk to your iPhone with a Smart LED power indicator and NON-Slip Design with extend the battery life of your iPhone when your out and about for upto 270 Hours !!

    Certified and Approved by Apple to Guarantee Quality! WWi Licenced (Work With iPhone) – Most in the market are NOT!! We Use Approved Sony Chipset Battery!
    But its Rechargeable Via a standard 5pin Mini-B USB cable (supplied) so no need for expensive apple cables!

    Simple snap on the back of your iPhone and double up your iphones battery life and charge via USB too.

    * more talk time – 2x the power
    * durable – protects your iPhone™
    * environmentally friendly – rechargeable
    * economical – replaces thousands of AA batteries

    Package contains
    Battery Pack
    USB Cable
    User Manual

    Estimate extra hours depending on useage
    - Standby upto 270 Hours
    - Music playback upto 20 Hours
    - Talk Time upto 4.5 hours
    - Video playback upto 6 Hours
    - Internet usage upto 4.5 Hours

    Battery Cell : Lithium Polymer by Sony!
    Power : 1530mAh 5v
    Input via USB DC 5v / 500Ma
    output DC 5v / 500ma (max)
    Dimensions : 4.9L x 2.6W x 0.9H
    Weight : 2.98 oz / 70g

    Giá: 1.500.000 (Bảo hành 6 tháng)

    769/73A Phạm Thế Hiển, P.4, Q.8 , HCM City
    Tel: 848 (62789391) – Hotline: 0903 05 9889
    Email: sales@maytinhxachtay.info
    Hỗ trợ trực tuyến: [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]


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