HCM Cần Bán HP 48GX, máy tính dành cho dân kỹ thuật, toán học,... Dòng máy tính cao cấp

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    HP 48GX, máy tính dành cho dân kỹ thuật, toán học,... Dòng máy tính cao cấp, vẽ đồ thị, có khả năng giao tiếp với PC,...

    pk: máy pin sách HD bao da zin,98%
    LH:0914356394 (huy)
    17a,Đặng Tất,q1

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    Có kèm theo bao da zin.
    Bên ngoài còn khoảng 95%.

    Thông số:


    The HP-48 series' Saturn microprocessor is an 8-bit CPU hardware-wise but acts like a 4-bit processor in that it presents nibble -based data to programs
    and uses a nibble-based addressing system. External logical data fetches are
    transparently converted to 8-bit physical fetches. The processor has a 20-bit
    address bus
    available to code but due to the presence of the high/low nibble selection
    bit, only 19 bits are available externally.

    In both the HP-48S/SX and G/GX series, the _Saturn_ CPU core is integrated as
    part of a more complex integrated circuit (IC) package. These packages have
    codenames inspired by the members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition . The codename
    of the IC is _Clarke_ in the S/SX, after William Clark , and _Yorke_ in the
    G/GX, after Clark's manservant . The previous series of Saturn-based ICs were codenamed
    _Lewis_, after Meriwether Lewis .

    **[ edit ] Common for all models**

    * CPU
    architecture: Saturn

    * Screen resolution: 131×64 pixels

    * Communication Ports: 4-pin RS-232 ( Serial
    port ) or Infrared
    port (not IrDA )

    * Data bus width: 8-bit

    * Maximum 4-bit -cell
    address width: 20 bits (leading to the address space shown next)

    * Logical address
    space : 512 kB

    * Maximum register size: 64 bit (both working and scratch registers)

    * Available expansion card ports on X models: 2

    * Expansion card pins: 40

    **[ edit ] HP-48S/SX specific**

    * CPU clock frequency: 2 MHz

    * Memory clock frequency: 2 MHz

    * CPU codename: Clarke

    * Communication Protocol(s): Serial Transfers: Kermit (protocol) ; Infrared
    Transfers: proprietary

    * On-board ROM : 256 KB

    * On-board RAM : 32 KB

    * Maximum additional memory per expansion card: 128 KB (SX only)

    * ROM versions: A, B, C, D, E, J

    **[ edit ] HP-48G/GX specific**

    * CPU clock frequency: 3.7 to 4 MHz

    * Some claim that the frequency varies according to temperature [1]

    * According to one of the engineers on the design team of the HP48G series
    (Dave Arnett), the yields for 4 MHz CPUs were essentially separated into two parts: the
    ones closest to spec, generally near 3.93-3.94 Mhz , were reserved for the expandable
    models (GX), and those just slightly under spec were used for the non-
    expandable units (G). Eventually the yields improved and the CPUs which
    clocked closer to 4 MHz
    were installed in the non-expandable units as well. The effects of (non-
    extreme) temperatures are almost negligible.[_ citation needed _]

    * Memory clock frequency: 2 MHz

    * CPU codename: Yorke

    * Communication Protocol(s): Serial Transfers: Kermit (protocol) or Xmodem ; Infrared Transfers: proprietary

    * On-board ROM: 512 kB

    * On-board RAM: 32 kB (G) or 128 kB (G /GX)

    * Maximum additional memory for expansion card port 1: 128 kB

    * Maximum additional memory for expansion card port 2: 4 MB (128 kB addressable at any given time
    via bank
    switching )

    * Other communication protocols: XModem

    * ROM versions: K, L, M, P, R

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