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  1. thanhtai New Member

    Tình hình là có mt s DVD film tình cm(đc và hiếm) dành cho tuôi 18 ,cht lượng DVD rip(avi),có th coi trên PC và đu đĩa dân dng(nếu có h tr).
    Trn 1 b 20DVD : 280k (giao hàng tn nơi trong ni thành) T 10->19 DVD: tính 15k/1 dvd (giao hàng tn nơi trong ni thành)
    1 ->9 DVD:tính 17k/1 dvd (không ship,hoc ship tính thêm tin xăng

    (American):Basics Instict 1992;Eros(Củng Lợi);I.Know.Who.Killed.Me[2007](Lindsay Lohan);Original.Sin.2001(Angelina Jolie);
    Disc2(American):Short bus;Showgirls;The_Dreamers;Eyes Wide Shut (1999)(Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman);Pirates (2005)
    Disc3(German):Nine.And.A.Half.Weeks.(1986);9 Songs;Ilsa.she.wolf.of.the.ss.1974;Ilsa - Harem Keeper Of The Oil Sheiks;Ilsa The Wicked Warden
    Disc4(Euro):***.And.Lucia.2001;Ages Of Lulu;Kama.Sutra.A.Tale.of.Love;Six Swedisch girls in a boarding school(1979 - Brigitte Lahaie);Voodoo Passion
    Disc5(JAPAN):Bohachi-Clan.of.the.Forgotten.Eight.1973;Nagisa Oshima - In the Realm of the Senses;Samurai;Bohachi - Clan Of The Forgotten Eight;Daydream - Tetsuji Takechi (1981)
    Disc6(JAPAN):Full Of Joy;Khoai Lac;Flowers And Snakes I,II;Nghe Thuat Gioi Tinh;Nghia VoTinh Chong
    Disc7(JAPAN):Female Market;I Am An SM Writer;Sacred Koya (Koya Hijiri);The Glamorous Life Of Sachiko Hanai;Wife To Be Sacrificed
    Disc8(CHINA) ai Noi Mat Tham;Duong Ba Ho;Hong Lau Mong;Tay Du Ky(4 tập)
    Disc9(KOREA):*** is Zero;***.Is.Zero.2.2007;Marriage.Is.A.Crazy.Thing. 2001;The Sweet *** And Love 2003
    Disc10(KOREA):A.Day.for.an.Affair.(2007);Changing Partners;Green.Chair;La.Belle.2000;Motel.Cactus.19 97;Who_Slept_with_Her
    Disc11(HONG KONG):Kim Bình Mai P1,2,3
    Disc12(HONG KONG):Kim Bình Mai P4,5;EROTIC.GHOST.STORY P1,2
    Disc13(CHINA):Erotic Nightmare;Lost.In.Beijing.2007;Lust.Caution(Full). 2007;SEXY-SOCCER;
    Disc14(HONG KONG):*** and Zen P1,2,3;(THAILAND)Jan Dara P1,2
    Disc15(FRANCE):Baise.Moi 2000;How.Much.Do.You.Love.Me.2005;Irreversible;Rom ance.X.1999;The Lover 1992
    Disc16(Ý):Story Of O P1,2,3;Laure
    Disc17(FRANCE):Tuyển tập Emmanuelle:2 queen_of_galaxy, 4 Concealed Fantasy,03 A Lesson In Love, 05 A Time To Dream,Emmanuelle In Hongkong,world_of_desire
    Disc18(PHILIPHIN);LIBERATED P1,2;SUKDULAN (2003);Scorpio Nights P1,2
    Disc19(Ý):CALIGULA P1,2;All Ladies do it;Monella.1998;Salo or the 120 Days of Sodom
    Disc20(Ý):Tuyển tập TintoBrass:Fermo Posta; PAPRIKA (1991);Fallo;Monamour 2005;Trasgredire
    Blog(có hình ảnh): http://vn.myblog.yahoo.com/duy_mam2000

    Và sau đây là giá: Nếu ly Trn 1 b 20DVD : 280k (giao hàng tn nơi trong ni thành)
    T 10->19 DVD: tính 15k/1 dvd (giao hàng tn nơi trong ni thành)
    T 1 ->9 DVD:tính 17k/1 dvd (không ship,hoc ship tính thêm tin xăng)

    LH: 0939 788 477
    ĐC:1 556 nguyen kiem,P.4,q Phú Nhun

    20DVD tp 2
    Disc21(Mỹ):American Pie 6 Phần
    (Mỹ):Caged Women;Crash.1996;Eurotrip;KILLING ME SOFTLY;LIE WITH ME
    (Mỹ):Love Camp;Virgin.Territory.2007;Fast Lane to Malibu;I Spit On Your Grave
    (C Âu):Van.Wilder.Freshman (2009) ; The Streets ;Ken Park ; lord.of.the strings.2002;Busty_20Cops_20Adult;Vanessa
    (Pháp):Emmanuelle 4 phần
    (Pháp):Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun;Emmanuelle.In.Rio;Lady Chatterleys Lover;My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days
    (Mỹ):Guide for Lovers(9 DVD)
    (China):Invisible Erotomania;IronSister_Thu Ky;The Fruit is Ripe 3;China Girls;Club Girl's Love
    (Nhật):My Vi Tinh Yeu;Shogun Sadism (The Joy Of Torture1968);Tà Sát;The Imp;NinJa
    (Hong Kong):Raped By An Angel 5.2000;Raped.By.An.Angel.2002;Fox Ghost;Sexual.Fantasy.Of.The.Chief.Executive.1998;s ex is big nothing
    (HongKong):Chinese.Torture.Chamber.Story.1,2;An.Amorous.Wom an.Of.Tang.Dynasty.1984;Legends.Of.Lust.1972;***.a nd.the.Emperor.1994
    (C.Á):AngelHearts(1995);The.Fruit.Is.Swelling.2.1997;T he.Lover.of.the.Last.Empress.1995;Diep VienX;Robotrix.1991
    (Ý):Anatomy Of Hell;L'Uomo Che Guarda;Salon Kitty;Senso '45-Tinti Brass;The Amorous Sisters 1979
    (PhiLipPhine):Bad life;Daughter of Eve 1985;HIBLA (2002);KASIPING (2002);Blind Side
    (Korea):Ngoai tinh;Seduction of eve;Summer Time;The.Hypnotized;Man Woman And The Wall
    (Hong Kong):KungFu Vampire;My Horny Girlfriend 2003;Guts Of A Beauty (1986);VoTacThien;Trilogy Of Lust
    (Korea):My.Girls.Boy.2007;On The Occasion Of Remembering The Turning Gate ;Plum.Blossom 2005;The.Intimate.2005;Seduction of Eve - Angel (2007)
    (C ÂU):Beyond the Clouds (1995);Cannibal Holocaust[1980];Malena.2000;Young.Adam.2003;Survival.Island.2005
    (Philippine):Bad Guy (2001);COED SCANDAL (2006);PINOY KAMASUTRA 2 (2008);Pinoy Kamasutra;Vietnamese lady
    (Mỹ):A Girls Guide To 21st Century;Better - You Can Last Longer;Tantrik Love Making;*** at 24 frames per second 20DVD tp 3 (Update 12/2008)
    Disc41(HongKong):Girls Unbutton,Naked Poison 1,Naked Poison 2,*** Mahjong
    Disc42(HongKong):Love in the River,Naked Party,Tortured *** Goddess of Ming Dynasty,Love Education,The Princess Of HuanZhi
    Disc43(Chau Au):Russian Lolita,Sassy Sue,The.Seduction.Of.Misty.Mundae.2004.,Turkish Delight,Violation_Of_The_Bitch
    Disc44(HongKong):False Lady ,Fashion Holic,Body Lover,CrazyScum-AM,CrazyScum-DJ
    Disc45(Philiphin):Arayyy,Hot Students,Lessons Of The Flesh,Photoshoot,Raigyo
    Disc46(HongKong):Golden Lotus ,Madame Bamboo,My Pale Lover,Temptation Summary 2
    Disc47(Nhat):*** and Fury,Slave Of The Sword,Beautiful Teacher In Torture Hell,Erotic Ghost Siren,Watcher.In.The.Attic.1976
    Disc48(HongKong):The Amorous Lotus Pan,The Love That Is Wrong,Amazing Stories,Dont Tell My Partner,Evil Instinct
    Disc49(Chau Au):Hamlet,The blue Lagoon,37 độ 2,Desiderando Giulia (Serena Grandi) ,Golasy
    Disc50(HongKong):Crime Of Beast 2,Indecent Woman,Spike Drink Gang,Suburb Murder,Thats Adultery
    Disc51(My):PlayBoy-Hot.Lips.Hot.Legs,The.Top.100.Celebrity.Nudity.Sce nes,NEETIN.Midnight.Tease.II,NEETIN.The.Exotic.Hou se.of.Wax.1996
    Disc52(Hàn Quốc):Private Tutor 2,Seduction.of.Eve.Kiss,Seduction of Eve - Angel (2007),Seduction of Eve - Good Wife (2007),Seduction_Of_Eve_-_Her_Technique (2007),Cua quy huyen thoai
    Disc53(HongKong):Doan tinh Tu Hy,Yu Pui Tsuen,Ghost Story Of KamPinMui,Horrible high heels
    Disc54(Chau Au):Crazy horse,Fast Lane to Malibu ,jamon.jamon.1992,Survival.Island.2005,TITANIC 2000
    Disc55(My):*** and The City 12 phần
    Disc56(Nhật):Shimokita Glory Days 4 phần,Windstruck.2004
    Disc57(Châu Âu):ABAN,Bikini Hoe Down,Horror Sexy - Fantom Kiler 1,Sexual Roulette,women.in.cell.block.9-1977
    Disc58(HongKong):Dont stop Crazy Love For You,China dolls,Devil Of Rape,The Other Side Of Dolls,To Seduce An Enemy,Viva Erotica
    Disc59(Châu Á):Đời vũ nam,Kama Sutra,BadGuy,down fall,Empty Room
    Disc60(Mỹ):Tarzan X,BabySitter 3,Dance In High School ,Guide for Lovers

    20DVD tập4 (Update 7/2009)
    Dvd61(thai lan ): Air_Thailand, Repression, Sex_Office_Love, Sex_Phone, Spasm, Taxi_in_Love
    Dvd62(thai lan ):: I_Love_Your_Wife, Just_Known, Lonely_Young_Maid, Opened_Paradise, Over_Limitation_Love
    Dvd63(thai lan ):: Club_X_Show, Cuoc_Doi_Gian_Truan, December_Full_Moon, G4, Her_Name_Is_Yaad
    Dvd64(CHAU AU ):: Little Lips, Not Bewitched.cd1, R (Sexploitation) Appassionata 1974 (Eleonora Giorgi, Ornella Muti, Ninetto Davoli), Suburban Secrets, Viol.(1998)
    Dvd65(MY ):: [DivX - ITA] (*** - Horror) Riti, magie nere e segrete orge nel trecento (1972 R.Polselli); Miss.March.(2009) ; Erotic Misadventures of the Invisible Man; Hollywood Sins; Hotel Exotica [1998 Ahmo Hight Taylor St Clair]
    Dvd66(CHAU A ):: PriTut3; Private Tutor 2; ***.and.The.Central.2003.STV.DVDRip.xVID-xHONG; The.Forbidden.Legend.***.and.Chopsticks.2008.DVDRi p.XViD-BiEN; TGRFOCS.2007.DVDRip.XviD-KamuiX
    Dvd67(Y ):: Barbed Wire Dolls (Frauengefängnis ) (DIRECTORS CUT) [Eng] [DVDRip] [KooKoo] [h33t]; Miranda - Uncut dvdrip ITA Mixing by Maximo; Pervert.2005.DVDRip.XviD-aAF; Super Vixens; Tobacco.Roody.1970.DVDRip.XviD.WhaleD
    Dvd68(CHAU AU ):: Gutterballs.2008.Uncut.DVDRip.XviD.by.keduatang; NEETIN.Satans.School.For.Lust; HVC.NET-jamon.jamon.1992; Misty Mundae - The Erotic Mirror 2002; NEETIN.The.Mummy.s.Kissl
    Dvd69(CHAU A ):: Love_Room; Maebia; PraApaiManee; Phee_Suer_Sa_Mut; Tom_Boy
    Dvd70(Y ):: 1965_MOTOR_PSYCHO; 1966_FASTER,_PUSSYCAT!_KILL!_KILL!; 1968_VIXEN; Mondo.Topless-Russ.Meyer
    Dvd71(Y ):: 1976_MEGAVIXENS; 1979_ULTRAVIXENS; All.About.Anna.2005.DVDRip.XviD; La Signora Della Notte
    Dvd72(CHAU A ):: Dok_Ngiew_I; Magic_Spell; RagSao_RonSwat; SawanPerd; SawChay_Arrom_Pliew
    Dvd73(CHAU AU ):: ***.Drive.UNRATED.DVDRip.XviD-ARROW; Alice_In_Wonderland; In_The_Sign_Of_The_Lion_1976; Volupt_s_aux_Canaries
    Dvd74(thai lan ):: Behind_the_Scenes_2_Super_Man_XXX; Dear; Hard_To_Kill_Uploaded; I_Love_My_Wife_s_Sister; Lustful; Sexy_Model
    Dvd75(PHILIPPIN ):: 108_Thai_Styles; Charlie_s_Angels; Fire_Of_Love; KraSue; Tigress
    Dvd76(CHAU AU ):: Andromina; Common Law Cabin; InnocentTaboo; The Immoral Mr. Teas; The_Sex_Files_Alien_Erotica_1998
    Dvd77(CHAU A ):: Nhu lai than chuong; DongDoK-Ngeo; Love_Diary; Magic_Mountain; Mixed_Up; Party_Sex
    Dvd78(CHAU AU ):: 99_20women; Aphrodite.en BF77; Papa
    Dvd79(MY ):: Secret Diary of a Call Girl Series 1 (2007) [ DVDRip (XviD) ]; Y.P.F.[Young.People.Fucking][2007]DvDrip.AC3-aXXo; Le déclic - Jeux d'influences (NT1); Le déclic - Pour l'amour du click (NT1)
    Dvd80(CHAU AU ):: Mirror Images 2 [1994] Screener [Eng]; Impulse2008-TV; Planned(dtv)_-_Girls_of_the_Playboy_Mansion_-_Pictorial_edited; Sexy_Sisters; Soppho_2008
    Dvd81(Y ):: {Classic XXX} Flesh Gordon (1974); Cherry,HarryRaquel; Eve and the Handyman; Wild Gals of the Naked West

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