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    _Bán router wifi chuẩn N tốc độ 300Mbps ,4port, hàng Iptime N604M MADE IN KOREA , hàng mới 100% ko hộp (do xách tay về đỡ cồng kềnh nên bỏ bớt) chỉ còn router và adapter zin . Cấu hình = tiếng Anh . Phát sóng rất tốt .

    Bao lắp đặt , hướng dẫn tại nhà

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    The next-generation wireless LAN standard ipTIME N604M IEEE802.11n (Draft 2.0) compliant products.
    802.11n technology, wireless speeds of 300Mbps and offers more than 150%, and improved wireless distance,
    802.11b / g standard with full backward compatibility is guaranteed. [IMG] ipTIME N604M of the 802.11n channel bonding, using techniques such as multi-space transmission
    Increased to 300Mbps wireless link speed.
    ipTIME the 802.11n 300Mbps wireless LAN card and using grade wireless link speeds up to 300Mbps are supported. [IMG] In ipTIME N604M 2Tx-2Rx 802.11n wireless antennas are optimized for high sensitivity is applied in 4dBi
    To maximize distance wireless communications. Is not connected in a standard 11g product on the street
    Provide a stable communication environment, 300Mbps wireless speed to maximize.
    Almost certainly use an existing 11g wireless LAN card, wider streets can experience wireless communications. [IMG] Router installation and artificial intelligence to help you install Internet Connection Assistant
    Real-time status of the router to detect and help to meet the situation and shows a picture
    Setting up a complex PC environments and help find and install automatically. [IMG] Windows Explorer-based user interface with the Net-OS firmware
    Operation of complex router users are familiar with the Windows environment and provides easy to use. [IMG] ADSL, VDSL, Cable, as well as ways to speed up gwangraen environment is fully supported.
    In particular, the rational, efficient high-speed communications environment through the firmware which products will work more reliably.
    (10-15 percent in some environments, you may experience deviation of the rate.) [IMG] PSP, PS2, X-BOX game consoles and all console support.
    (This model does not support the PSP KAI beteulnet.) [IMG] ipTIME you worry wombayireoseu end.
    Better than any router wombayireoseu detection and suppression technology is still evolving. [IMG] Internal network from outside your home or business not only not as inconvenient time, right?
    N604M take advantage of the VPN where the internet anywhere in your house can be connected to the network.
    Router equipment was expensive and available only to router VPN Server features deserve ipTIME please. [IMG] Products made with our technology base, because Hangul manual.
    All installation, set-up process also easily implemented in Hangul
    Novice or expert with all the features of ipTIME free and anyone can use with confidence. [IMG] ipTIME the domestic as well as all the games, sounds, ocean, MSN boasts full compatibility with.
    Tim Duncan does not support the application, even if ipTIME, Twin IP function problems
    Can be solved.
    [IMG] TWIN-IP capability of the router ipTIME WAN public IP address assigned to the port from a PC connected to the router
    Able to use the router in use may help to resolve fundamental limitations. [IMG] PC connected to the router to download some of the excessive run effect on the other PC's Internet speed
    Has a. ipTIME router's QoS capabilities to any PC you use the Internet to a stable
    PC Stars, the application can be controlled by the speed. [IMG] When used appropriately, convenient Internet access to use the excess may be harmful to health.
    ipTIME use of the Internet Put the preset time. [IMG] Which country has the world than the Internet environment is rapidly changing IT powerhouse, KOREA!
    IP router, but what the Republic of Korea would best suit an Internet environment?
    The world's best developed in the Internet environment, the world's leading IP router, it is ipTIME. [IMG] Battle.net, the game in the same room, QoS capabilities, wombayireoseu detection and suppression, WOL features, cable auto-detection capabilities,
    Network Connections and high management capabilities of network equipment used to support eseona
    Equipped for entry-level router, wireless router EFM Networks ipTIME the ipTIME N604M
    Presence in the router contains all the functionality offered can be considered definitive. [IMG] Echoes from 2001 to impress customers EFM Networks customer support once the user's convenience in mind
    From 2005 until the night of 10 customer service centers are operating.
    If you are using ipTIME, after work, after school care, even if the problem occurs, you can contact us.
    (Received after 18:00 by the board or by phone is available with advance reservations). [IMG] Responsible for customer confidence in the product free of charge A / S has been extended period of two years.

    Link tham khảo :

    Giá 680 k .

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