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    gia tu shop ben usa

    Closeouts. Giro's Semi Full sunglasses won't let fog slow you down; the Wind Tunnel ventilated temples maintain a steady airflow that stops fog before it even thinks about forming.

    • Lenses:
    • Lenses are interchangeable (additional lenses not included)
    • Larger than the Semi Compact, but still just as lightweight
    • Italian-made ZEISS lenses ensure the clearest, most distortion-free view
    • 100% UV protection
    • Material: Polycarbonate
    • Width: 64mm
    • Frame:
    • Super Fit frame is precisely sculpted for a perfect, comfortable fit
    • Lightweight and incredibly strong
    • Material: Grilamid® nylon
    • 5" temple to temple
    • Made in China
    xem them hang tai : lemnhem.com
    Phone 0938101722 [ Vui lòng không nhắn tin ]

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