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    Google Keyword Tools:
    Huge Difference in Official Stats
    From Two Google Keyword Tools
    On the Same Keywords

    Today I would like to touch a very interesting topic – how accurate Google is when it comes down to showing search volume for keywords. I noticed that official Google keyword tools are often contradicting to each other. And sometimes the gap in stats can be huge.
    Before I go to the proofs – I want to make one thing clear. I do not think that the results of my research prove anything about “Google conspiring against the simple users …”
    You see, if Google would really conspire, then they would never show the gap that I noticed (because this is a gap between the stats of their own tools and it is so easy to hide it). So, most likely we are talking about something in terms of how accurately Google processes the information and what we can do about it.
    Ok, Let’s Get Down to My Real Case Story
    And How this Gap in Official Stats
    Popped Out…

    I was doing a keyword research in Internet marketing niche. And I noticed that 2 keywords – ‘Internet marketing’ and ‘Internet marketing tools’ have nearly the same level of average monthly traffic. And that bashed me out, because definitely this was very strange: ‘Internet marketing’ is a huge keyword and beyond any doubt it should have times more traffic than ‘Internet marketing tools’.
    So, I was surprised. But I picked the most precise settings on the official Google keyword research tool (aka Google AdWords tool), I picked EXACT match in the dropdown menu and on the screenshot below you can see that these two keywords are reported to have quite the same traffic. You can see what settings I picked to get the results that I got.
    I though, “Ok, it is what it is, mostly likely this is a nice overlooked keyword.” But that was just the beginning of getting surprised. Because then I decided to compare the traffic on these keywords in another tool from Google, called Google Insights. Those who do not know this tool can find it here.
    Google Insights is not showing you the exact search (at least until you login to your account), but this tool is really great at showing the trends, ups and downs, geo targeting and other interesting info. Plus – this is very important – Google Insights is also an official Google tool. So, I was not using some mumbo-jumbo. I was using an official Google tool that is taking its keyword search data from Google.
    So, I simply put ‘Internet marketing’ and ‘Internet marketing tools’ into the search – just to compare the trends. And what I see simply knocks me out. The search volume for ‘Internet marketing’ is marked with the blue line on the screenshot below, and ‘Internet marketing tools’ is marked with the red line.
    Blue line is up in the sky. Red line is barely scratching the bottom of the graph. Check the screenshot below…
    How the Heck is that Possible?
    One Google tool shows that traffic is almost identical,
    And another tool says that it is HUGELY different.
    Both Tools are from Google!!

    Both tools are from Google. Both are official. Both are harvesting on the same keyword data (data of keyword searches in Google). And it is very illogical that they show hugely contradictory info about the same keywords.
    It is what it is – the paradox is obvious.
    And now we are coming to the most burning topic of this whole issue…
    Does that Mean that Using
    Google Keyword Tools
    Makes No Sense?

    The superficial answer seems to be ‘yes’. But my personal answer is, “No, using Google keyword tools still makes perfect sense. And no matter how strange this can sound after showing an evident flaw in their stats, I can prove my point!”
    You see, despite all these problems with stats, Google is still covering the biggest part of searches done online. The market research done is giving to Google from 50% to close to 80% of the global market of online searches – different research, different numbers [IMG] But in any case, Google’s part of the pie is HUGE. They can access to the biggest database of searches. And this is very important.
    The alternative keyword tools are using search engines that have (if I am not mistaken) less than 1% of the world searches. Come on, who needs the keyword tools whose database is barely reaching the level of statistical mistake?!
    I will never make any serious business decision, based on the results of the keyword tool that covers only 1% of world searches. No matter how professional and precise this tool is. I would better use this tool as a secondary helper – yes, this makes sense. But still I prefer to use Google AdWord tool for keyword research.
    This is How You Can Use
    Google Keyword Tools
    (despite they screw up on numbers)?

    I do the following. If this is really important and we are talking about the keywords which are the corner stone for your online business, then use the combination of Google keyword tools.
    Start the research from the widely known Google AdWord tool. Then, if you feel doubts – double check the doubts with Google insights.
    Just like this. Nice and easy.
    And you are still using the tools which are harvesting data from over 50% of the global searches.


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