Foxit Reader (Portable)

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    Foxit Reader (Portable) || 7,17 MB

    Foxit PDF Reader is a small alternative to Adobe Reader, so you can download it quickly.

    It doesn't need any lengthy installation, so you can start to run it as soon as you can download it.

    And it starts up immediately, so you don't need to wait the annoying "Welcome" screen to disappear.

    Foxit PDF Reader is extreamly easy to use, just double click it to start and then click open button to open your PDF document.

    If you want to print, click on "Print" button. If you want to setup the page layout for printing, select "Print Setup" from "File" menu.

    Some of PDF file cannot be displayed correctly by Foxit PDF Reader.


    How to download from ShareFlare: Click FREE button on the download page.

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