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  1. Name: Cucphuong Resort

    Owner: JSC construction of Thang Long - the project investor, Thang Long International Village (1994), amusement park Ho Tay (1999), Student Dormitory Cau Giay ( 1999), established the Sport School of Thang Long (2000), tourist resorts hot water in Cuc Phuong (2004).
    Design consultant: Dubosc & Landowski Architectes (France).

    Cucphuong Villas is a gated resort complex ecology of tourist hot springs resort area near Cuc Phuong with 100 ha. Along with Cucphuong Villas, Resort Resort Cucphuong health care was added to create a combination of entertainment, resort and residential utilities.


    Cucphuong Villas located at Cuc Phuong Commune, Nho Quan district, Ninh Binh province. Location with the land "first foot painting titled dam." Northwest of the mountains bordering the Cuc Phuong National Park, southeast, looking down from a height of 30 m wide around the lake often hundreds of hectares Hoang Long river flow.
    + The project is located 23km Show details Bai Temple
    + The distance from the project to 54 hole Golf Course, about 30km Yen Thang
    + Ninh Binh city 35km and from the center of Hanoi 115km.

    Villa and utilities

    Cucphuong Villas have three unique products attractive to attract investors villa eco Cuc Phuong is hot mineral water, natural mineral mud and rock collection palaeontology, fossil wood first and most massive Vietnam today.

    Planned according to each neighborhood, Cucphuong Villas create architectural space has its own personality in harmony with the surrounding natural landscape. The neighbors have round and square shapes, symbolizing heaven and earth are two important symbol of Oriental philosophy. Each neighborhood has a park increases the use of common neighborly connection between the villa Vietnamese traditional village.
    Cuc Phuong Mineral Water mineral water is exported from the cavity revealed Triat old limestone on the hillside, water continually sprayed on with spray bubbles up into separated wave 25-30 seconds, with a flow of about 10lit / s . Constant temperature of about 350C. Throughout the country, a model component is magnesium bicarbonate. Effective prevention and treatment of diseases such as anti-inflammatory, sensitive solution, diuretic, to regulate the division certain digestive, nutritional and metabolic ... Also can make bottled drinks and treatment.
    To Cuc Phuong is also a chance for visitors to the resort, soaking tub Cuc Phuong Mineral Water. To rest, relax, immersed in the transparent waters, enjoy a free man, Lang Lang, but endless, dispel the fatigue after a day of work stress.
    Service area Cuc Phuong bath soak bath with hot water services, physiotherapy services, Games blueberries, massage, sauna, a restaurant, hotel with a staff of young, beautiful, get more experience love, caring always willing to please tourists.

    Each villa has land area to average 1.000m2 2.000m2. Each villa is a stunning architectural work, the owner is responsible for construction and other investors may opt to form villas, supplies and equipment according to aesthetic perfection, their preferences.

    Enjoy life

    Tranquil landscape and fresh air of Cucphuong Resort is ideal for space hearts want to enjoy the true value of life, and hot mineral water which flows endlessly from the earth will warm more romantic feelings side of the family choose pristine mountain forests as a place in Monday.

    Cucphuong resort with high-quality services for health care and beauty will give customers the best value from the natural wild.

    Complete legal: Has completed the legal procedures and have been granted certificates of land use rights.

    Project Progress: Infrastructure expected to be completed on 10/10/2010.

    Tư vấn thiết kế: Dubosc & Landowski Architectes (Pháp).

    Exclusive distribution - OFFICE INVESTMENT - Projects for real estate transactions HANOIIDP:

    HOTLINE 1: 0982 968 399 – Hang Nguyen (Mrs.)
    HOTLINE 2: 0983 866 392 - Minh Ngoc (Mrs.)

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