Corporation export eyelashes, specialized production and export

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  1. Stock companies advertising and media distribution network specialist distributor Vietnam eyelashes authors around the world:cl:

    We are the first to set the foundation for career producing artificial eyelashes in northern Vietnam.
    With 12 years seniority in the profession, grow and develop go up in the ongoing effort. Since the production is oriented to the quality and reputation of Target's leading companies. to now has made a trust with consumers, clients, customers in the country and many countries around the world.

    With staff, technicians, skilled workers, spread across 10 provinces crowded north, creating many jobs for the community. Contribute to poverty reduction.
    Our company is always guaranteed and complete orders on schedule for many countries and partners in many countries around the world. Up to 1 million products per month.

    With over two hundred types of products which form. We can design all kinds of products form the orders of customers.
    Behalf of the personnel of the company. we just have words to all customers for supporting us in time. We look forward to continue receiving support from more partners you domestic and international.

    Contact Mr. Vuong
    Viet Nam Net Comunication and Advertising jsc
    17 hamlet, Co Nhue village, Tu Liem district, Ha Noi city, Viet Nam country
    Mobile: 084923988968 – 084 987756528 * Hot line (24/7): 084 23988968
    Email: www.
    Yahoo: boynetviet8x

    hi you
    her in Vietnam, specializing in providing products eyelashes, minhh would like to cooperate with the product you. If you are interested in their product is the contact information under this address.
    Mobile: 084923988968 - 084 987756528 * Hot line (24 / 7): 084 23988968

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