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Thảo luận trong 'Tổ Chức Sự Kiện HCM, Hà Nội' bắt đầu bởi Mangxuyenviet, 21 Tháng mười một 2016.

  1. Vietnam Central Committee for Propaganda and Education (CCPE) strongly supports to


    From our perspectives, Chi initiative for rhino horn demand reduction via behavior change launched by TRAFFIC in Vietnam and Intelligentmedia Behavior Change Communication Organization shows a creative, positive, civilized and strategic direction. Different from other social communication campaigns on conservation, the message of Chi initiativeencourages and changes not only the perception but also the behavior of each individual. By conveying positive messages, Chi initiative creates a new civilized social trend in which each individual fulfills his/her responsibility for society, nature and environment in a creative and active manner.
    In the framework of Chi initiative phase I, CCPE has coordinated with TRAFFIC to implement numerous behavior change social communication activities, particularly the presentation of social communication images of not using wild fauna and flora at International Departure Lounge - Noibai International Airport, Workshops, Trainings on behavior change for staff, civil servants, the Party members, individuals playing an important role in propaganda and leading in the protection of resources, environment, wild fauna and flora. It can be seen that Chi initiative has gained significant achievements in wild fauna and flora demand reduction, including rhino horns consumption in Vietnam.
    To protect national biodiversity and conserve wild fauna, flora and nature in Chi initiative phase II, CCPE would continue to enhance propaganda on rare and precious endangered wild fauna and flora conservation; organize propaganda in diverse forms; develop propaganda campaigns and programs on rare and precious endangered species such as tiger, rhinos, bear, pangolin, etc.; organize conferences; place posters at offices, agencies and public locations; integrate propaganda content about natural conservation, biodiversity, rare and precious endangered wild species preservation into activities of the Party branches; promote the roles of mass media; open specialized pages and corners on Vietnam Communist Party websites, propaganda magazines; and particularly promote the roles of reporters and communicators from central to local level.

    With meaningful humane message potraying a model of new civilized and modern lifestyle in which individuals “Gain prosperity from inner strength – Invite hardship by using horns”, it is hoped that Chi initiative continue to yield engaging methods, create positive changes in conserving endangered wild fauna and flora and preserving environment and resources sustainably in Vietnam. See more

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