Cần Bán Yeastar YE110

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    1 Port T1/E1 PRI
    Designed for
    YE110 is a high-performance, cost-effective signal span PCI 2.2 digital voice card providing compact and powerful interface to asterisk that can support E1, T1, J1 and PRI interface.

    The innovative design and detailed elements allows YE110 to create a seamless interconnected network for traditional telephony system with the VOIP technologies. By utilizing Yeastar’s YE110 digital card, you can easily build up your own high density solutions.YE110 is 100% compatible with TE110P. You can run the card by using Digium’s TE110P driver directly.

    One card for two-purpose use, Asterisk and Windows! Worked in Asterisk is not the only usage of YE110, it can be also utilized on the Windows based free IP PBX - BizPBX, which becomes an alternative to Asterisk PBX. Yeastar provides the SDK and API on Windows for users to further develop the application.

    The YE110 is supported by open source Asterisk PBX software. [IMG]
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