Cần Bán XM XDNX1V1 onyX Satellite Radio Receiver

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    XM - onyX Satellite Radio Receiver with Vehicle Kit

    Model: XDNX1V1


    Enjoy Satellite Radio on the go with this XM radio receiver that features universal docking capability for easy transition from your vehicle to your home. 10 station presets allow you to easily locate your favorite channels.
    What's Included

    • XM onyX Satellite Radio Receiver
    • PowerConnect vehicle kit
    • Auxiliary-in cable
    • Magnetic mount antenna
    • Quick-start guide
    • Owner's manual
    Product Features

    • High-resolution color display
      Allows you to see the artist name and track title at a glance. Personalize the screen with selectable display colors and trim rings.
    • Universal connector
      For simple transition between car and home audio systems (optional connection accessories required, not included).
    • EZ Connect dock
      With color-coded connections for easy installation.
    • FM preset key
      Stores the best FM frequencies in your area for optimal integration with your vehicle's radio.
    • PowerConnect FM transmitter
      Works through your vehicle's radio.
    • 10 station presets
      Let you recall your favorite stations with the touch of a button.
    • One-Touch Jump button
      Provides direct access to local traffic and weather updates or stores a favorite channel for easy recall.
    • XM Satellite Radio subscription required to receive XM Satellite Radio.
    • Warranty Terms - Parts
      90 days
    • Warranty Terms - Labor
      90 days
    • Product Height
    • Product Width
    • Product Weight
      1.7 lbs.
    • Product Depth
    • Service Provider
    • Plug-and-Play
    • Home Kit
    • Car Kit
    • Boombox
    • Auto Shutoff

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