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    Belkin's Mini laptop Carrying Case is suitable for most mini laptops including 7" 8.9" 10.2" 11.1" and some 12.1" solutions. The carry case has enough space to fit an A4 note pad or portfolio making it an ideal solution for students and business people on the go.

    Included are a variety of storage solutions for your personal devices as well as an MP3 pocket with access via a built-in grommet hole for your headphones to pass through.

    The laptop compartment features a plush padded inner lining to protect your Mini laptop from scratches along with a securing strap for added protection. Also included is a built-in adjustable shoulder strap.

    Exterior Dimensions: 35cm x 28cm x 8cm
    laptop Compartment: 30cm x 24cm x 4.5cm

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