Cần Bán Sony VGPBMS10 Bluetooth Laser Mouse

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    Sony VGPBMS10 Bluetooth Laser Mouse - Wireless, One Wheel, Two-button, 2 AAA Batteries, 800 DPI, Aluminum


    [IMG][IMG] Device Type:Mouse[IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG] Connection Type:Bluetooth[IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG] Tracking Method:Laser[IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG] Resolution:800 dpi[IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG] Buttons:2[IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG] Scrolling Capability:Yes[IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG] Power Supply Type:power Via 1 AAA Battery[IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG] Colors:Silver[IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG]Detailed Features

    Key Features
    • An ultra-modern design and Bluetooth®1 technology makes this mouse highly mobile and comfortable to use.
    • A sliding aluminum cover turns the mouse on and off while also protecting the scroll wheel and buttons from accidental scratches.
    • Laser technology allows for longer battery life.
    • Laser technology provides users the ability to use the mouse on virtuallly any surface while a sensor resolution of 800dpi ensures somooth and precise navigation.
    • Works with Bluetooth-enabled notebooks.
    • Optional power save mode preserves and extends the battery life.
    • Low friction, non-stick PTFE sole reduces strain on hand and allows for easy and swift movement.

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