Cần Bán mouse

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  1. tiendat New Member

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    • USB Retractable Cable Optical Mouse
    • Forword/bockword-click button
    • Superior optical technology-No mouse ball
    • Optical tracking sensor accurately scans the surface of desktop 2,500 times per second
    • Durable 3D optical mouse with 800 dpi accurate definition
    • Works on more surfaces than ever before
    • Faster wheel scrolling for right or left hand perfectly
    • Zoom-in and zoom-out functions
    • Plug and play, non-driver required
    • Ergonomic design to reduce RSI, comtortoble hand touch
    • Stylish, streamlined design
    • Length of Retractable Cable: Apporx. 70cm
    Package Included:
    • 1 x USB Retractable Cable Optical Mouse

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