Cần Bán Mixer Studio Sonic Station 22

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    Liên hệ: 0906.074.602 _ 0909.117.558 - Nick Chat: dinhhoangvu1988@yahoo.com - Skype: khong co

    Thông số:
    Gồm 22 đường (gồm 18 đường Mono và 2 đường Stereo)
    Thông số kỹ thuật:
    • 22 channel 4-bus mixing console, 20 mic preamps
    • Dual effect engines with 16 EFX plus one main parameter control, Effect 2 with tap delay and foot switch jacks
    • Direct out with pre-EQ switch for multi-track recording
    • Rec out with independent trim control
    • Talkback mic built-in
    • 4 stereo aux return, each with to aux 1~4 (effect to monitor)
    • Group 1-4 and Aux 1-4, Main fader and control room volume control can be swapped for monitor console use
    • Variable LPF on mono output for subwoofer
    • Seven 12-segment level meters for main, group or aux
    • 3-band with swept mid-range ch EQ on mono channel
    • 6 aux mixing bus, two pairs with pre/post switch
    • On, Peak/Solo and Signal indicators on each input channel
    • Pad/Line in switch on mono channels
    • Stereo channel with XLR mic in, 1/4" and RCA line inputs
    • 12V gooseneck lamp socket for working on dark place
    Main stereo and mono out with XLR jacks and inserts

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