Cần Bán may quay phim SONY DCR_SR 47

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    Detailed item info
    Product Description
    You can record those special occasions with the DCR-SR47 Handycam camcorder. A built-in hard disk drive offers extended, hassle-free recording and a professional-quality Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens delivers sharp, high resolution images. For close-ups, you will appreciate a powerful 60x optical zoom. Hybrid technology even allows you to record video to the hard drive.

    Dimensions: 6 cm X11.2 cm X6.8 cm
    Weight: 0.3 Kg
    Additional Features: Dolby Digital AC-3 (2 channel) recording, USB 2.0 compatibility, backlight compensation, built-in speaker, face detection, touch-screen control

    Camera Features
    Optical Sensor Type: Advanced HAD CCD
    Optical Sensor Size: 1/8"
    Maximum Focal Length: 108 mm
    Minimum Focal Len

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