Cần Bán May phim JVC GZ_MG 630SU

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    JVC GZMG630SU Everio Digital Camcorder with 60GB Hard Drive
    40x optical/800x digital zoom - Brings you up close to distant objects and scenes.
    2.7" Lazer Touch II LCD monitor - For a clear view of your footage.
    1/6" CCD image sensor - With 800K total pixels for crystal-clear images.
    Gigabrid image processing engine - Delivers rich, vibrant image quality.
    Konica Minolta dynamic 40x optical video lens - With manual focus for quick and efficient focusing.
    Built-in image stabilization - Minimizes picture blur caused by camera movement.
    Night recording capability - Allows you to shoot in low lighting and dark environments.
    YouTube and Apple iTunes mode - Allows you to capture video and easily upload it to the Web at the touch of a button.
    Records in 16:9 and 4:3 aspect rati[IMG]

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