Cần Bán may nghe nhac mp4 8gb

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  1. Liên hệ: 01212030964 - Nick Chat: nucuoithienthan_249 - Skype: angel_249
    8GB MP4 Player 1.8 TFT FM Radio Recording 8G MP3 Silver

    [IMG][IMG][IMG]This 8GB widescreen MP4 media player uses the latest state of the art technology to bring you the ultimate in portable entertainment no matter where life takes you! With an amazing array of features including video playback, MP3 music playback, photo viewer, FM tuner, voice recorder and rechargeable battery, this device will certainly exceed all expectations.
    Backed by a 8GB capacity, this great unit offers the best in portability and comes to you at an amazing never before seen price! Don't miss your chance to own this hot item!
    • Color: Silve
    • Capacity: 8GB
    • Colour: pink.
    • Sleek and modern design.
    • Supports formats: Mp3, WMA, WMV, ASF, WAV and AMV.
    • With FM radio tuner.
    • E-documents function.
    • Driver free USB memory.
    • Voice recorder.
    • Equaliser: normal, rock, pop, classic, soft, jazz and bass.
    • 7 backlight colour options.
    • Varied play modes available.
    • With Battery save mode.
    • Mp4 unit.
    • Stereo earphones.
    • USB cable
    • User manual

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