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    Product Description:
    The Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock G600 is a printing solution that fits your lifestyle. Now you''ll have even more convenient options to help you print high quality, real KODAK Pictures anytime, anywhere.
    PRODUCT FEATURES: High quality, real Kodak Pictures in just 60 seconds with the touch of a button;
    Worry-free prints - get waterproof, fingerprint-proof, stain-resistant, wipeable prints that last a lifetime with KODAK XTRALIFE Lamination;
    Clever design lets you take the fun with you for anytime, anywhere picture printing and sharing;
    Get better, brighter pictures and red-eye reduction with automatic Kodak Perfect Touch Technology.



    Print sizes     
    One 4 × 6 in. (10 × 15 cm)
    Two 3 × 4 in. (7.5 × 10 cm)
    Four 2 × 3 in. (5 × 7.5 cm)
    Nine 1.3 × 2 in. (3.3 × 5 cm)
    Media size     
    4 × 6 in. (10 × 15 cm)
    Print technology     
    Continuous-tone thermal dye transfer
    Print speed     

    60 seconds (75 seconds for first print)*


    Battery charging     
    in-camera charging in less than 3.5 hours
    24V AC adapter
    Battery recharging     

    KODAK Ni-MH Battery Pack and Li-Ion Battery (included with select KODAK EASYSHARE Digital Cameras)

    Other specifications:

    Image transfer     
    one-button picture transfer
    File formats     
    JPEG/EXIF v2.2
    4.2 lbs (1.9 kg) with tray
    W × H × D (with tray): 7.7 × 4.0 × 13.0 in. (19.8 × 10.3 × 33.1 cm)

    Share button     
    Allows you to tag pictures for printing, e-mailing, and Favorites


    Used for picture preview and user interface controls

    Dock compatibility

    Enables quick battery charging, picture transfer, and dock printing (via the KODAK Camera Dock or Printer Dock)


    Enables smart and simple editing and organizing with a one click connection to the KODAK EASYSHARE Gallery


    Works with KODAK EASYSHARE-ONE, C**, P, V, and Z Series Digital Cameras
    print from and save to a USB flash drive for picture transfer and storage
    IMAGELINK Print System compatible     

    PICTBRIDGE compatible

    System Requirements:




    * WINDOWS 2000, SP4 or XP SP2 OS
    * INTERNET EXPLORER 5.01 or higher
    * 233 MHz processor or greater

    * PowerPC-based MACINTOSH Computer
    * MACINTOSH OS 10.3 or higher
    * SAFARI 1.1 or higher

    * 128 MB RAM available (256 MB recommended)
    * 200 MB hard drive disk space available
    * CD-ROM drive
    * USB connectivity [IMG]
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