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    MODEL: A-UD58
    Experience the freedom of a speakerphone with the Logitech QuickCall USB Speakerphone. Designed to work with AOL, Yahoo and Skype, it offers the affordability of Internet calling as well as crystal-clear audio. Featuring dual microphones, the Logitech QuickCall has a 30-foot range which makes it perfect for group conversations.
    • Logitech QuickCall USB Speakerphone.
    • Crystal Clear Digital Audio
      • Dual Microphone: Captures whisper soft conversations.
      • RightSound™ Technology: Eliminate that annoying echo.
    • Group or Private Calling
      • 30-Foot Range: Easily captures group conversations.
      • Audio Jack: Plug a headset in to make your call private.
    • Easy Setup and Use
      • 2-Step Setup: Just load up the software and plug in the included USB cable.
      • QuickCall™ Technology: Answer, mute and hang up with one touch.
      • Yahoo and AOL Ready: Use exclusively with Yahoo® Messenger with Voice and AOL® Instant Messenger™.
    • PC
      • Pentium® 4.2.0 GHz
      • Microsoft ® Windows® XP (Home or Professional) or Windows® 2000 (SP4 or above).
      • 256 Mb RAM.
      • 40X CD-ROM drive Available USB port (1.1 or above).
      • 200 MB free hard drive space.
      • Speakerphone requires one of the following free PC calling appliations: Yahoo® Messenger with Voice, AOL ® Instant Messenger ™.
    • Installation drivers.
    • Audio settings and Internet communication setup and control wizard.
    • Logitech® Desktop Messenger for automatic updates and news on the latest features.
    • Hardware
      • Built-in 6 ft. USB 1.1 connector cable.
      • Speaker output: Up to 10 meters away in a quiet room.
      • Up to 5 meters away in an office.
    • Logitech® QuickCall™ USB Speakerphone with built-in 6 ft. USB cable.
    • Software CD.
    • Set-up guide.
    • Built-in microphone, speaker.
    • [IMG]
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