Cần Bán Logitech - M305 Wireless Optical Mouse

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    Logitech - M305 Wireless Optical Mouse - Black: 1.400.000đ




    Easily navigate through files and programs on your laptop with this wireless mouse that features high-definition 1000 dpi optical tracking for smooth cursor control.
    What's Included

    • Logitech M305 Wireless Optical Mouse
    • Plug-and-Forget nano-receiver
    • 1 AA battery
    • Owner's manual
    Product Features

    • 1000 dpi movement resolution
      For precise operation.
    • Optical technology
      For pinpoint accuracy on almost any surface.
    • 2.4GHz wireless technology
      Works to eliminate delays or dropouts for smooth operation.
    • Automatic sleep mode
      Turns off the mouse when you're not using it to save power. Low-battery indicator light lets you know when you need to replace batteries before they run out.
    • Scroll wheel
      With easy forward and backward Internet navigation.
    • 2-button design
      For easy navigation through files or programs.
    • Right-handed ergonomic design
      With a soft rubber grip for comfortable use.
    • Plug-and-Forget nano-receiver
      Features a compact design so it can stay in your laptop.
    • USB connectivity
      For simple connection.
    • Black Taboo design
      For a stylish look.

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