Cần Bán Lenovo S10-3t 0651-37U 10.1-Inch Multito

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    Lenovo S10-3t 0651-37U 10.1-Inch Multitouch Netbook (Black)




    Product Details

    • Sales Rank: #81 in Personal Computers
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Lenovo
    • Model: 0651-37U
    • Dimensions: .59" h x 11.00" w x 6.90" l, 6.05 pounds
    • CPU: Intel Atom 1.66 GHz
    • Memory: 1GB SODIMM
    • Hard Disk: 250GB
    • Processors: 1
    • Battery type: Lithium Ion
    • Display size: 10.1

    • 1.66GHz Intel Atom Processor, has an 8 cell battery on the system
    • 1GB 204 Pin DDR2 SO-DIMM Memory
    • 250GB SATA Hard Drive (5400RPM); 802.11 b/g/n
    • 10.1" 1024x600 LED Multi-Touch Display (16:9); Intel GMA 3150 Graphics
    • Windows 7 Starter
    Editorial Reviews

    Amazon.com Product Description
    Touch the Future with Breakthrough Technology You Can Carry with You.
    The Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t is a multitouch convertible tablet that functions equally well as a netbook or a tablet, with its 180 degree swivel screen and ultra-slim design under an inch thick. With the Lenovo NaturalTouch Panel, the S10-3t responds to the lightest of touches, making it fun and easy to use the range of NaturalTouch multimedia touch-optimized applications. The S10-3t also features DirectShare, so you can quickly synchronize your fles with another notebook without connecting to the web. When you do need the internet, Quick Start 2.0 will get you online in seconds with its 'instant on' function that lets you access the web, multimedia fles and other applications without booting to the desktop operating system. However you use the S10-3t, you'll fnd it easier, more interactive and more adaptable than any netbook you've ever seen. Best of all, it's from Lenovo, makers of the award-winning ThinkPad business notebook.

    Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t Netbook Key Features

    • Touch tablet with 180 degree screen rotation
    • Ultra-slim design - just .8 inch thin, and only 3.31lbs
    • Long battery life
    • Integrated high-speed Wi-Fi
    • Intel Atom N450 processor technology
    • Genuine Windows 7 Starter 10.1 inch LED backlight display, 16:9 widescreen
    • Lenovo NaturalTouch Panel - responsive fingertip touch screen technology
    • Stereo speakers with Dolby Headphone surround sound
    • More storage for multimedia files: 250GB HDD storage
    • Integrated 1.3M web camera
    • Integrated Card Reader USB2.0 connectors for external media devices
    • Active Protection System protects hard disk drive from shocks
    • DirectShare - easily synchronize your files with another notebook without connecting to the internet
    • Lenovo NaturalTouch - a range of touch-optimized multimedia applications
    • Get online in seconds with Quick Start 2.0 'instant on' function
    • OneKey Rescue System for quick and easy data recovery with antivirus protection
    • VeriFace facial recognition technology - a fun way to log in to your PC
    • VeriTouch touch-based log in system

    [IMG]Easily synchronize your files with another notebook without connecting to the internet. Simple software interface to manage file synchronization by category or individual files. Synchronize photos, music, videos, Internet Explorer bookmarks and emails.

    OneKey Rescue System

    [IMG]OneKey Rescue System for quick easy data recovery with anti virus protection. With the touch of a button, users can restore the system and recover valuable data. The OneKey Rescue System interface allows the user to quickly diagnose where a system corruption occurs, ensuring that recovery is fast and effective. OneKey Rescue System consists of 3 modules which can be accessed before booting into the OS, or in the case of OneKey Recovery can also be accessed in Windows (with limited functionality):
    OneKey AntiVirus
    Supports Norton Anti-virus, runs virus checking before entering operating system.
    OneKey Recovery
    Backup and recover system and user data.
    System Repair
    Automatically repair damage to critical system files.

    QuickStart 2.0

    [IMG]Get online in seconds with Quick Start 2.0 'instant on' function. Quick Start 2.0 allows you to access a range of applications, multimedia files and web browsing without booting to the desktop operating system.
    Active Protection System

    [IMG]The Active Protection System (APS) protects your hard drive from knocks, falls and sudden shocks, ensuring greater reliability for your movies, music, photos other documents.
    VeriFace and VeriTouch


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