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    JBL® Reference 210 Earphones

    Earphones have always been a smaller, more portable alternative
    to traditional headphones, and JBL Reference 200 Series earphones
    are certainly that. But Reference 200 Series earphones are designed
    to perform more like their larger counterparts. Is it possible to get
    realistic, full-spectrum sound from virtually weightless earphones
    that can easily slip into a pocket? Would we have brought it up if the answer were no?
    JBL Reference 210 features:
    • Lightweight in-ear design
    • In-line volume control
    • True JBL performance
    • Comfortable foam ear pads
    • Tangle-free wire-management system
    • Compact carrying case

    The JBL 200 Series earphones deliver full-spectrum audio
    response from all iPod® models, MP3 players, portable
    CD and DVD players, or any multimedia device with a
    stereo mini jack connection. All models include a rugged
    and convenient carry case, foam inserts, replacement filters
    and filter replacement tool.
    Maximum Input Signal
    Frequency Response
    17Hz — 23kHz
    Input Level/Impedance
    17 Ohms
    Diameter — 15mm
    Wire length — 115cm


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