Cần Bán HDMI MPINS F1800 - Don Scorpio F1800 HDM

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    Tên sản phẩm: Don Scorpio F1800 HDMI MPINS cáp 1,4 Phiên bản 1,8 M tốc độ cao Digital Audio / Vide...Mã Mã số: 96167255Danh mục: AV Cables Connectors Mô tả ngắn: MPINS HDMI 1,4 F1800 HDMI Cable Don Scorpio 1,8 Meter Đóng gói Kích thước: 20 * 25 * 12 (cm)Trọng lượng / Đóng gói: 30 (kg)

    The final picture and sound, from the large television, advanced projectors, and high-definition video sources
    Certification UL Certification frame walls using the CL - 2 jackets.
    True 3D-ready 16-bit color
    Proprietary ultra-low-loss solid-core conductors.
    24 Fenzhi 192 Altimate Audio
    480HZ refresh rate for speeding - 21.6Gbps.
    Proprietary expanded PTFE dielectric flattens the frequency response of the superior image and sound.
    Corrosion-resistant 24K gold contact with the core of the International Softball Federation certification
    Expereince the ultimate performance, the highest resolution digital video and multi-channel audio cable
    The most advanced HDMI connections
    When you want to see and hear every detail, every nuance, without compromise, choose the best: HDMI interface. This digital audio / video interface to all its provision of high-definition video compression 1080p/120 Hz and 16-bit color depth, 8-channel digital audio 192/24 ultimate 7.1 surround sound, and an integrated control channel, all the line. In addition, it eliminates the conversion between digital and analog video sources and display the most accurate high-definition images. Now there is finally an HDMI interconnect just as advanced the ultimate high-speed M Series. F1800.

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