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    DVD-Video đặc biệt hay, chất lượng cao là món quà tuyệt vời cho các bé hiếu động yêu thích tàu hỏa, máy xúc, máy đào, cần cẩu..
    Gần 2 triệu bản đã được bán ra trên toàn thế giới.
    English | 90 min | 720x480 | PAL (29.97fps) | DivX | AAC 192Kbps | 4.0 GB
    Model Railroad Videos - I love toy train Episode 1,2,3 Hop on board for a 90-minute train adventure. This special DVD edition of the treasured children's classic, I Love Toy Trains, stars toy trains, real trains, funny toy train bloopers and the original toe-tapping music of award-winning, singer/songwriter James Coffey. Ride mighty steamers and sleek diesels on legendary journeys over mountains, through tunnels and bridges into the hearts of the young and old alike. All Aboard!
    Đĩa có 3 phần 1, 2, 3 gồm rất nhiều phần video quay chủ yếu về đồ chơi tàu hỏa chuyển động, đôi khi đan xen tàu hỏa thật, máy xúc, máy đào, cần cẩu, động vật các loại. Nội dung đã được biên tập công phu, chất lượng DVD, hình ảnh âm thanh phong phú, sống động, vui nhộn, hấp dẫn, thích hợp với các bé từ 2 tuổi trở lên.
    Xem trước video tại đây: http://www.tmbv.com/ILoveToyTrains.asp
    và đây: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6StO-ONav5w
    Tại trang chủ của hãng sản xuất: http://www.tmbv.com/I-Love-Toy-Trainsbr-Parts-1-2-3/productinfo/ILDVD 1/ đĩa có giá là 14.95 USD. Mình sao lại y nguyên từ đĩa đặt mua ở Mỹ, đảm bảo chất lượng  hình ảnh âm thanh giữ nguyên 100%, gồm cả menu cho phép lựa chọn phần muốn xem (đặc thù của DVD). Bìa đĩa in màu.
    Tại amazon.com đĩa đang được bán với giá 13.49 USD http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00008G74Q

    Dưới đây là thông tin từ trang chủ:
    Parts 1, 2, 3 Digitally Re-Mastered including some new contents and new songs by James Coffey — Where Have All The Cabooses Gone, My Mama Was A Train, Workin In The Railway Yard.

    I Love Toy Trains, Part 1 (30 minutes)
    Old McDonald Had a Train, Snoopy on a handcar, real NW J, fire scene from Choo Choo barn, real steamers from Hesston Steam Museum, cow jokes, action at a miniature circus, the operating Milk car. I've Been Workin' on the Railroad, Wabash Cannonball, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Standard Gauge trains operating on massive Carail layout, parade. Stars and Stripes Forever, a rocket to the moon, fireworks.

    I Love Toy Trains, Part 2(32 minutes)
    Prewar classics like the Blue Comet, circus action, how farmers grow food, Santa Fe Super Chief, the real Norfolk Western J and Southern Pacific Daylight. Beethoven’s 5th. Blue Angels Air Show, I've Been Workin' on the Railroad. Loading coal and culverts, fire scene, transfer table, bascule bridge and magnetic crane in action. I'm A Train, Wonderful World of Trains. Classics like the Lionel Blue Comet, State Set and the Ives Black Diamond in action. Fireworks.

    I Love Toy Trains, Part 3 (32 minutes)
    I've Been Workin’ on the Railroad, how track is installed, American Flyer accessories, erector coal dumping accessory, logs and coal loaded and unloaded, kitty on the tracks! The Greatest Show on Earth and Waldo the Human Cannonball. She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain, bloopers, different types of freight cars, train carrying big machines, Jeff explains an end-of-train device, a real roller coaster ride, and a Mi-Jack crane loading vans on flat cars. A brief history of farm tractors. Test on different types of freight cars. The Horseshoe Curve in Pennsylvania. The Blue Angels in action. Special guest appearance: Utah Phillips singing Daddy, What’s a Train?
    Customer Reviews
    VERY popular with both the three year old and the six year old! I purchased this for my youngest son's third birthday because I was tired of checking out the worn out copies from our library. I had already purchased one volume on video, but the videos from this series don't work very well. The DVD is terrific! It keeps William and his older brother Matthew entertained for hours if I let them sit and watch it. It is really cute to watch, too. Even the neighbor who baby sits enjoys watching the little toy trains spin around and have accidents.
    Kate E. Flippen
    Wow these video's are great my son has all of the "I Love Toy Train" movies he loves them! If your son loves trains... loves Thomas the Train videos he will love these videos just as much! He loves these movies so much we are also going to be purchasing the "All About Trains" movie which is from the makers of I Love Toy Trains videos (TM)
    Jessica R. Nickerson
    My son loves trains in any form, toys, real ones... He loves this video! It has a mix of real and toy trains, with nice background music. Not to mention entertaining bloopers!
    C. Munsterman "Joey's Mom"
    My oldest son was a train fanatic. The I Love Toy Trains series is a very wholesome and well done series of film clips of mostly model and some real trains. There are, in fact, very good real train DVDs, but as the title suggests, this is a DVD for "Toy" trains - Lionel trains and operating accessories. My son watched these over and over till he could recite the narrated parts. Great value for the money
    D. Turner
    My grandsons love this video. They are 5 and 3 years old and play it over and over. They have picked up the railroad language and sing the songs. They can even recognize and name the equipment used on the tracks at our railroad maintenance stop.
    Anita Pawlush "Grammy"

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