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    Module FXOs $120.00

    The Wildcard TDM800P is a half-length PCI 2.2-compliant card for connecting analog telephones and analog POTS lines through a PC. It supports combinations of FXS and/or FXO modules for a total of 8 lines.
    The TDM800P provides an industry first with 8 standard two-wire, RJ-11 interfaces on a single PCI bracket. This eliminates the need for multiple brackets, external dongles, or splitters. In doing so, the TDM800P reduces part complexity, cable clutter, and points of failure.
    The TDM800P contains two module banks. Each bank supports up to four analog interfaces. The two module banks may each be filled either with one standard Digium quad port analog module (FXS - S400M, FXO - X400M), or up to two standard Digium single port analog modules (FXS- S110M, FXO - X100M) enabling the creation of any combination from 1 to 8 ports.
    Digium's TDM800P range is available using the drop-down box below. The naming convention for this product is TDM8XYB:
    • X — represents the number of FXS (analog telephone interface) ports installed.
    • Y — represents the number of FXO (analog PSTN line interface) ports installed.
    Note: The Digum TDM800P has a 12V power connector (like those used inside your PC's case for powering hard drives and CD-ROM drives), and this must be connected if you have FXS modules installed.

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