Cần Bán Cisco WVC210 Wireless-G PTZ Internet

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    Cisco WVC210 Wireless-G PTZ Internet Security Video Camera -w/2-Way Audio


    Product Features

    • Former Linksys Business Series
    • Sends high-quality live video to your network wirelessly
    • Low-light sensitivity
    • Simultaneous dual CODECs make an optimal combination of video viewing and storage
    • Supports two-way audio, IP multicast, and 3GPP
    Technical Details

    • Brand Name: Cisco
    • Model: WVC210
    • Item Package Quantity: 1
    • Hardware Platform: PC
    • Video Input Format: MPEG-4, MJPEG
    • Image types: JPEG
    • Minimum system requirements: Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 2003, Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2
    • Width: 1.3 inches
    • Depth: 6.9 inches
    • Height: 7.8 inches
    • Weight: 16.2 Ounces

    Cisco Small Business Video Surveillance products provide customizable ways for small business owners to monitor and protect their companies. These high-quality solutions can be optimized for many different applications and sites. The Cisco WVC210 Wireless-G PTZ Internet Video Camera sends live video through the Internet to a web browser anywhere in the world. The camera supports dual codecs (MPEG-4 and MJPEG), which can be used simultaneously. MPEG-4 gives efficient bandwidth consumption with good-quality compression and is optimal for real-time viewing of video. MJPEG gives optimal video quality, making it ideal for large-volume storage to a network attached storage (NAS) device.

    Cisco WVC210 Wireless-G PTZ Internet Video Camera with 2-way Audio [IMG]

    Two-way audio alongside an embedded microphone, external speaker, and microphone ports
    Multiple Common Protocols in a Single Solution
    The Cisco WVC210's audio capabilities include two-way audio, an embedded microphone, external speaker and microphone ports, and voice compression. With extensive support for features such as IP multicast, Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), Real Time Protocol (RTP), and 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), it enables video to be viewed from multiple endpoints and client applications, such as 3G phones and QuickTime clients on computers or Wi-Fi phones. Network protocols such as 802.1p priority, 802.1Q VLANs, and Dynamic DNS (DDNS) are also supported. The WVC210 can also be managed securely using HTTPS.

    Included Video Monitoring Software
    The pan/tilt and digital zoom functions allow you to remotely control the camera movement and focus, giving you maximum remote flexibility. Up to 16 simultaneous unicast users can access the camera at any time. Software is included for monitoring multiple cameras and recording to your hard drive, with advanced search by time and date. Recording can be set up to start by motion trigger or by manual or scheduled recording. Playback is available on Windows Media Player, with no need for a proprietary player.
    You can also enable security mode, which tells the camera to send a message with a short attached video to up to three email addresses whenever it detects motion in its field of view. You can then log in to the live video stream if the situation warrants. Wireless security features include Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), and WPA2.

    A Networked Eye in the Sky
    • High-quality remote-controlled wireless video camera
    • Captures images even in low-light environments (1 lux at f2.0)
    • Simultaneous dual codecs provide optimal combination of viewing and storage of video
    • Supports two-way audio, IP multicast, 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project), and more advanced features

    What’s in the Box
    • Cisco WVC210 Wireless-G PTZ Internet Video Camera
    • Wireless-G antenna
    • Ethernet cable
    • DC power adapter
    • Desktop stand
    • CD-ROM with setup wizard
    • User documentation

    Product Description

    Monitor and protect your business with a versatile camera. Formerly Linksys Business Series, now Cisco Small Business Video Surveillance Cameras, the WVC210 Wireless-G PTZ Internet Video Camera allows you to monitor the critical assets of your business from anywhere in the world. Use any web browser to view video and control the camera's pan-tilt capabilities. Dual codecs provide flexibility in determining image quality versus storage and bandwidth requirements. The camera supports a number of connection protocols, allowing you to view the image on everything from 3G and Wi-Fi phones to PCs.

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