Cần Bán Cameta Incognito 1000 Deluxe SLR Case fo

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    Cameta Incognito 1000 Deluxe SLR Case for Canon EOS Rebel XT, XTi, XS, XSi, T1i, 50D, 40D, 5D Digital SLR Cameras


    Product Details

    • Brand: Cameta
    • Model: 23494CAMETA1000CAN35
    • Dimensions: 1.55 pounds

    • Holds protects your Canon 35mm or Digital SLR Camera with zoom lens attached, plus 3 extra lenses flash
    • Adjustable padded dividers for easy customization plus multiple pockets with easy access to your equipment
    • Convenient to carry with reinforced hand strap and slip-resistant shoulder strap
    • Constructed of durable wear-resistant nylon
    • Securely carries and conceals your valuable equipment

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