Cần Bán 7" Apad iRobot Google Android Mini WIFI

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    Giá sốc nhất tpHCM 3.4tr [SHIP HÀNG TOÀN QUỐC], sở hữu ngay APAD IROBOT - Chạy Android, Wifi - Hàng chính hãng IROBOT, bảo hành 1 năm

    Giá thị trường VN: 4tr-4.999.000đ

    TẠI SUNNYCUTEShop - 3.400.000đ

    2010 new released
    2010 NEW Touch 7 Inch Mini Netbook Tablet laptop PC MID Google Android OS Map Notebook Like Mini Ipad!! Browser comes with Flash Lite version 3.1 and supports playback of SWF contents up to Flash 9 and ActionScript 2.0.


    The Orphan aPad iRobot(TM) is the new high quality version of the unbranded aPad.
    This is the best brand and model of the Android Tablet PC!!!
    While the iRobot comes pre-installed with a whole host of excellent software, you can also customize and add any Android applications that are compatible with the Android 1.5.2 operating system. Support is provided for Android Market, Google’s online application store, containing mostly free software you can run on your iRobot.
    Orphan M001 aPad iRobot - The aPad "iRobot" Droid Tablet PC with 7” touch screen, WiFi, HD movie playback, Web Camera, built-in Gmail Email support, GPS via Google Maps (with external third-party GPS tracker), Google Android 1.5.2 O/S, 3000 mAh Battery, host and slave USB Ports, TF-Card slot, 3.5mm Headphone socket, 3.5mm Microphone socket, 2GB DDR, 600MHz CPU with Video DSP, One-Click YouTube access, Photo Music Flicker, G-sensor, Built-in speakers, Google Browser,
    Playback of Audio and video files using the built-in Video DSP optimization technology contained on the powerful efficient Rockchip CPU.
    Also support for displaying a large range of image formats, including all of the main picture formats such as JPG, GIF, BMP and more.
    The Orphan edition of the iRobot uses higher quality components in comparison to the unbranded versions.
    The super light weight of the iRobot makes it a real MID champion, weighing in at under half the weight of more well known expensive tablet computers. The light portable weight of the iRobot makes it a winner in practical tablet computer use.

    Be the first to show off the smarter person’s tablet PC. Even at this ultra low price it has everything you will need to be up and running online in just a few minutes. Join the mobile Internet device revolution and not be tied down to monthly bills. With this Orphan tablet computer there is no charge when using the Internet and the device is totally unlocked and unrestricted.
    The compact 190.5 x 118.5, 14.7 (HWD), 332 gram unit is half the weight of some other more costly pads.
    Can be used as an E-book reader, use as a all in one Skype phone or even a video phone with its built-in microphone, built-in speakers and built-in Web Camera! Let people see your location and surroundings while you are surfing on the move!
    Touch screen with icon and menu drag feature and auto-rotation.
    Broadband Internet access is achieved via the 802.11a/b/g built-in WiFi support. The iRobot also includes the Google chrome-lite web browser.
    Email, PDF, Word file, Excel and PPT file reading is supported. The iRobot Apad also supports Fring, SkypeOut, QQ, MSN, and GTalk.
    The iRobot aPad is a computer tablet running the Google Android 1.5.2 operating system. It has a high definition clear screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels to provide a fantastic multimedia and internet experience. The aPad is powered by a 600 MHz RockChip 2808A processor with 2GB of Memory. It also comes with a micro-SD slot supporting card sizes of 2GB to 16GB.

    In-built Webcam, and supports Google Maps (which supports GPS tracking via third-party external GPS tracking devices), and accelerometer.

    Battery capacity of 3000 mAh. The iRobot is the perfect companion for easy Internet life. The iRobot has high quality retail branded packaging, which also makes the iRobot a perfect gift.

    Orphan aPad M001 iRobot Specifications

    • Operating System 1.5.2 Pre-installed
    ·System RAM 128MB DDR
    ·System Storage 2 GB NandFlash
    ·Add-In Storage Upto 32 GB via SD-Card
    ·Card Slot Type 1x Micro-SD T-Flash
    ·Number of USB Ports 2 USB 2.0
    ·Screen Size 7 Inch Touch-Screen
    ·CPU Type Rockchip 2808A
    ·CPU Speed 600 mHz Video DSP
    ·Weight 332 grams 11.711 oz
    ·WiFi 802.11B/G 3G Optional via sim card
    ·GPS Optional Via USB
    ·Built-in Audio Yes Also via Headphones
    ·Webcam Yes 0.3 MP
    ·Built-in Speakers Yes Stereo
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